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Types of Matter - 5th Grade Science

5th grade Science - MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Chapter 7 Types of Matter
the smallest particle of an element that retains the properties of that element
A change that causes a new kind of matter to form with different properties.
chemical change
A way to write a compounds name using symbols.
Chemical Formula
A substance formed by the chemical combination of two or more elements held together by chemical bonds that cannot be separated by physical means.
A measure of how tightly matter is packed in a given amount of space.
a pure substance that cannot be broken down into any simpler substances.
A physical combination of two or more substances that does not form a new substance.
a particle that contains two or more atoms joined together.
A chart that shows all the known elements and their properties.
periodic table
A mixture that is blended so completely that it looks the same everywhere.
The prcoess in which mater changes state form a solid directly into a gas.
The substance in a solution that dissolves.
The substance in a solution into which other substances dissolve.
A substance that conducts heat and electricity.
a mixture where separate particles are big enough to see.
heterogeneous mixture
a mixture that look the same throughout.
homogeneous mixture
all matter is made up of ______________ .
The number of protons in an atom is the ______________.
Atomic number.
When are Solutions formed?
A substance dissolves in a solvent, like sugar dissolves in water.
A _____________ is formed when the atoms of two or more elements combine.
What three elements that make up most of living things?
the three elements are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
_________ is an example of a compound.
Rust, water, or carbon dioxide are examples of a compound.
What type of element makes most of the periodic table?
Most elements in the periodic table are metals
Solutions & heterogeneous substances are similar because...
they are both mixtures of two different substances.
Solutions and heterogeneous mixtures are different because...
In solutions you can't see the different particles & in a heterogeneous mixture u can.
What 4 things are listed on the periodic table?
A element name, it's atomic number, it's abbreviation, and metals-metalloids-nonmetals.
How are elements organized in the periodic table?
The atomic numbers and families.
What are four or more physical properties of matter?
Weight, mass, volume, shape, texture, & color.
What is the chemical formula four water? (Explain what the letters and numbers mean.)
H,2,O, the H stands for hydrogen & the 2 after the H says that there are two hydrogen atoms, the O stands for oxygen since there is know number behind the O there is just one oxygen atom.