Level 2 Fieldwork

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WHAT ARE RUG LEVELS?...WHAT IS MHP?Moist heat packWHAT IS STM?short term memoryWHAT IS RIGHTING REACTION?it is when the ankles correcting it self when off balance and it brings body back to midlineWHAT IS ISOMETRIC EXERCISE?...WHAT ARE THE ROTATOR CUFF MUSCLES?S.I.T.S supraspinator infra spinatus tere minor subscapularisWHAT IS THE MAN IN THE BARREL?movement from distal to proximalWHAT IS DRESSING APRAXIA?the ability to plan and perform motor that is necessary to dress self due to problems with BODY SCHEME, SPATIAL ORIENTATION causing problems with putting clothes on the wrong side of the body ,upside down or inside outWHAT IS IDEOMOTOR APRAXIA?it is when the patient can DESCRIBE the intended action but CANNOT EXCUTE the motor actWHAT IS PRAXIA?the ABILITY to plan and perform purposeful movementsWHAT IS APRAXIA?the INABILITY to plan and perform purposeful movementsTHR or THAtotal hip replace or angioplastyWHAT IS TOTAL HIP RPLACE MOVEMENT?prosthesisWHAT ARE THE HIP PRECAUTION?NO bending more than 90 ENO CROSSING LEGS DO NOT TURN TOES INWARD OR OUTWARD(