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Founder of Jainism who killed himself Believed in ahisma


Non Violence

Sky Clad

Digambara Jainism group, most strict

White Robed

Shvetambaras Believe women can attain kevala


The equivilent of enlightenment


Founder of Sikhism Had mystical experience in which God gives him cup of nectar

Gobind Singh

Founder of the Khalsa,

Adi Granth

Sacred text of Sikhism, consulted by the leaders Written by Guru Arjan


Spiritual Leader


Community of Sikhist believers

The 5 K's

Kesh - uncut hair and beard, Kangha - a wooden comb to properly groom the hair as a symbol of cleanliness Katchera - specially made cotton underwear Kara a steel circle, Kirpan - the sword


Spiritual conquerors of the past who have gained kevala

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