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Complex Formula
an equation that uses one or more arithmetic operator
predefined worksheet formula that makes it easy to perform a complex equation, can be typed manually into a cell, = is necessary to begin
Relative Cell Reference
excel default, when you want to preserve the relationship to the formula location, When a formula is copied, the cell reference changes to preserve the relationship of the formula to the referenced cells
Absolute Cell Reference
when you want to preserve an exact cell address in the formula, reference doesn't change even if the formula is copied to another location, created by placing 2 $ in the formula
combines data from multiple Office programs, saves time and reduces data entry, creates sophisticated documents that incorporate data from multiple Office programs, uses source and destination files
Source File
file from which info is copied or used
Destination File
file that receives copied info
Common Chart Types
Column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter
Font and Alignment Buttons
bold, italicize, underline, merge and center
Formatting Commands
column width, autofit column width, hide and unhide, default width
Linked Object
connected data
placing an unlinked copy in a document
Embedding an Object
Inserts an entire file in a destination file, You can embed within an existing or new file
Editing an Embedded Object
Double-click in Excel destination file to open in Word source file, Use tools from source (Word) program to edit
Object linking and embedding, refers to technology that allows one to integrate data between Microsoft programs
Properties of a copied object
Retains formatting of original object, Independent of source EXCEPT when copying and pasting a chart
Intellectual Property
an ideas or creations of the human mind
Copyright Law
a type of intellectual property law that protects works of authorship
Fair Use
permits the public to use copyrighted material for certain purposes without obtaining prior consent from the owner
Copyright Infringement
Unauthorized use of protected work
Layout Guides
horizontal and vertical lines visible on the screen
• Help you accurately position objects
• Include margin guides and grid guides
Ruler Guides
green horizontal and vertical lines that help you position an object, Useful when you have set layout guides for a specific page type, but want to lay out elements differently on one particular page
Zero Point
the location of zero on both the vertical and horizontal rulers
Building Blocks Object
A wide variety of built-in design objects you can insert into a publication, contains text or graphic images that can be edited for size, shape, and content
• Modify a Building Blocks object by adding text or resizing the object to enhance the meaning of your text or draw attention to it
Rotation of an Object
is measured in degrees from a vertical plane
• Click the green rotation handle, then drag
• Right-click the object, click Format AutoShape, click Size tab, enter a value in the Rotation text box, then click OK
is a defined set of text and formatting attributes
• All of the styles specific to a particular publication are displayed in the Styles list and are shown in the list exactly as each style will look
Drop Cap
is a formatting attribute that enlarges the first character in a story or paragraph
• Click the paragraph where you want the drop cap
• Click the text box tools Format tab on the Ribbon
• Click the Drop cap button in the typography group
Reversed Text
is a formatting effect that displays light characters against a dark background
Optical Center
is the point around which all objects on the page are balanced
is an arrangement of text and/or graphic elements that informs
• Featured prominently
• Rarely changes (except date and volume
• Located on first page
Common Types of Publications
Informational, Periodical, Promotional, Stationary, Specialty
Work Space
"the publisher window", the area where the publication appears, bordered above and L by rulers, below and R by scroll bars
Text Box
object that can be resized and repositioned, contains text
Point Size
the unit of measurement for fonts, the spacing between paragraphs and text characters
small circles that display around an object' perimeter
Designing a Publication
View the publication as a whole
• Use placeholders to design layout
• Use graphics to add interest
• Use white space liberally
• Feature the company logo
• Emphasize important text
specially formatted publications containing placeholder text that serves as a master for other publications, organized by category, Access templates by clicking the New command in Backstage view
Common Graphic Image Formats
Bitmap, PC Paintbrush, Graphics Interchange Format, Encapsulated Postscript
Side Bar
a short news story containing supplementary information that is printed alongside a feature story, Can use the same font with a larger size, or a different font, Can be dramatized with border and/or shading
Pull Quote
an excerpt pulled from the text and set next to it