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  1. Realpolitik
  2. José de San Martin
  3. Ems Dispatch
  4. Peninsulares
  5. Russification
  1. a forcing all ethnic groups in Russia to embrace all Russian language and culture to unite and strengthen nationalist bonds; this eventually backfired because people did not want to change their religion, language etc.
  2. b Bismarck's policy; "politics of reality" opposed to politics of idealism; seeks to do what is practical and possible rather than high-in-the-sky idealism; through war, sacrifice, and industrialization as opposed to idealistic, complete revolution
  3. c great liberator Creole from Argentina; 1817: San Martin led an army across Andes to Chile and was joined by Bernardo O'Higgins, and finally freed Chile; left his forces to Bolivar to command after reaching Lima, Peru, thus uniting revolutionary forces.
  4. d Bismarck intercepted the telegram from France politely refusing a Prussian King and manipulates it to sound insulting to the Prussians
  5. e top of Spanish-American society: Spanish-born colonists; only ones who could hold office

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  1. nationalist working in Southern Italy; worked with Cavour on unification of Italy; stepped aside and let Victor Emmanuel Ii be king; his followers were Red Shirts
  2. a new era of painting that differed from enlightenment ideals; very emotional and realistic reflected deep interest both in nature and in thoughts and feelings of individual; turned from reason to emotion, from society to nature; rejected rigid class structure of society
  3. people's greatest loyalty should be to a nation of people with a common culture, religion, language, and historical experiences (nation pride) rather than to a king or an empire
  4. Prince John of Portugal's son who stayed behind in Brazil after his father returned to Portugal; 8,000 Brazilians signed a petition asking Dom Pedro to rule Brazil independently
  5. the two generals together in 1822 discussed how to drive remaining Spanish out of Lima, Peru, in Guayaquil Ecuador; San Martin left his army for Bolivar to command; Bolivar's unified army went on to defeat the Spanish

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  1. MestizosEuropean and Indian mix


  2. Alexander IIGerman for "emperor" King Wilhelm I of Prussia was crowned Kaiser January 18, 1871 at Versailles; signifies formal establishment of Germany as an independent; humiliating to France


  3. War with FranceBismarck intercepted the telegram from France politely refusing a Prussian King and manipulates it to sound insulting to the Prussians


  4. MulattosEuropean and Indian mix


  5. Emancipation of the serfs1861; issued by Alexander II; took so long because the nobility may have revolted if their slaves were taken; emancipation was necessary for industrialization in Russia and advancement of the country