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  1. Austro-Prussian war vs. Denmark
  2. Impressionism
  3. Realism
  4. Realpolitik
  5. United Provinces of La Plata
  1. a (1864) Bismarck approached Austria about these provinces populated by Germans but controlled by Denmark; convinced Austria to join him in attacking Denmark for the two states (succeed); Schleswig-> Prussia, Holstein -> Austria
  2. b literature and visual arts tried to show life as it was, not as it should be; realist painting reflected the increasing political importance of the working class in the 1850's; novels also proved suitable to describe workers' suffering
  3. c rather than realism; a style of painting that became popular to catch a moment as it would look at a glance; used pure, shimmering colors to capture a moment in time; wanted to show impression of subject or a moment in time
  4. d Bismarck's policy; "politics of reality" opposed to politics of idealism; seeks to do what is practical and possible rather than high-in-the-sky idealism; through war, sacrifice, and industrialization as opposed to idealistic, complete revolution
  5. e former viceroyalty, consisted of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay; capital= Buenos Aires

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  1. Latin-American born people, had an inherently stronger desire for independence could not hold office but could be officers in army
  2. African and European mix
  3. the two generals together in 1822 discussed how to drive remaining Spanish out of Lima, Peru, in Guayaquil Ecuador; San Martin left his army for Bolivar to command; Bolivar's unified army went on to defeat the Spanish
  4. nationalist working in Southern Italy; worked with Cavour on unification of Italy; stepped aside and let Victor Emmanuel Ii be king; his followers were Red Shirts
  5. 1856- Czar Nicholas I threatened the Ottoman Empire for warm water port in Crimea; Russia lost against the united French, Great British, Sardinian, and Ottoman Empire forces; defeat brought change to Russia

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  1. KaiserGerman for "emperor" King Wilhelm I of Prussia was crowned Kaiser January 18, 1871 at Versailles; signifies formal establishment of Germany as an independent; humiliating to France


  2. Padre Miguel Hidalgopriest in village of Dolores, believed in Enlightenment ideals: SEPTEMBER 16, 1810: Issued a call for rebellion against the Spanish known as the Grito de Dolores (cry of Dolores); leader of the mestizo/Indian rebellion


  3. Alsace-Lorraineregion that France and Prussia could lay claim to, mixed region


  4. War with FranceBismarck intercepted the telegram from France politely refusing a Prussian King and manipulates it to sound insulting to the Prussians → France is angry at Bismarck, Prussia wants war with France


  5. Peninsularestop of Spanish-American society: Spanish-born colonists; only ones who could hold office