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  1. United Provinces of La Plata
  2. Simón Bolivar
  3. Modernization
  4. Mulattos
  5. Realism
  1. a African and European mix
  2. b literature and visual arts tried to show life as it was, not as it should be; realist painting reflected the increasing political importance of the working class in the 1850's; novels also proved suitable to describe workers' suffering
  3. c focusing on modernizing the economy as well as politics; going from old to new Europe; time of progression/innovation
  4. d former viceroyalty, consisted of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay; capital= Buenos Aires
  5. e (the Liberator) brilliant Creole general; helped to free Venezuela and Colombia; went into exile twice; Bolivar's volunteer revolutionary army suffered defeats

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  1. "Renewal, to be born" movement in Italy to recreate a strong, unified Italian nation-state
  2. a new era of painting that differed from enlightenment ideals; very emotional and realistic reflected deep interest both in nature and in thoughts and feelings of individual; turned from reason to emotion, from society to nature; rejected rigid class structure of society
  3. the two generals together in 1822 discussed how to drive remaining Spanish out of Lima, Peru, in Guayaquil Ecuador; San Martin left his army for Bolivar to command; Bolivar's unified army went on to defeat the Spanish
  4. 1856- Czar Nicholas I threatened the Ottoman Empire for warm water port in Crimea; Russia lost against the united French, Great British, Sardinian, and Ottoman Empire forces; defeat brought change to Russia
  5. three major wars contributed to German unification under application of realpolitik

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  1. Padre Miguel Hidalgopriest in village of Dolores, believed in Enlightenment ideals: SEPTEMBER 16, 1810: Issued a call for rebellion against the Spanish known as the Grito de Dolores (cry of Dolores); leader of the mestizo/Indian rebellion


  2. Impressionismrather than realism; a style of painting that became popular to catch a moment as it would look at a glance; used pure, shimmering colors to capture a moment in time; wanted to show impression of subject or a moment in time


  3. Ems Dispatchlast territory controlled by RCC; taken by nationalists in Italy; Italy vs. Papal states → Italy got Rome; pope was angry and so imposed self captivity in the Vatican


  4. North German Confederationmade in the Congress of Vienna; dominated by Austria (and Prussia); 39 German states that included parts of Prussia and was led mainly by Metternich until revolts of 1848 made Prussia the forerunner; much larger than Rhine, included Rhine and Prussia and Austrian Empire


  5. Dom PedroGerman for "emperor" King Wilhelm I of Prussia was crowned Kaiser January 18, 1871 at Versailles; signifies formal establishment of Germany as an independent; humiliating to France