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The Colonies Come of Age

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No country could trade with the colonies unless there goods were shipped in colonial or English Ships
All ships needed to be operated by crews that were at least three quarters English or colonial
Colonies could only export certain products to England
All goods traded between colonies and Europe had to pass through an English port
English Pros: got certain goods from the new world that they did not have
Making a lot of money, less competition, protected England's colony. Jobs for their people, imported taxes for English treasury.
Colonists: +Colonial shipbuilding expanded. -Had to trade certain goods illegally, because there was no market in England for certain colonial exports. Limited trade options.
80-90 percent of slaves worked in the fields
Plantations: worked under their owner & field bosses
Small farms: worked along their owner
10-20 percent of slaves worked in house of their owner or as artisans
Domestic slaves cooked, cleaned, raised children
Treated equally as cruel as field workers
Slaves that learned skills were often rented out to other plantations
Africans came from a variety of different cultures and spoke different languages
Forced into labor, Africans bonded together for support