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Ulmus parvifolia, Chinese Evergreen
Weeping branches, lvs color red or purple in cold, alternate two-ranked simple serrate lvs., small flat papery fruit.
Zelkova serrata, Sawleaf Zelkova
Smooth gray bark w/ orange beneath (similar to beech or cherry) 2-6" simple elliptic serrate/ pins on teeth alternate. acuminate tip, 1/4" drupe insignificant
Melaleuca linariifolia, flaxleaf paperbark
Light bark sheds< M. styphelioides, lvs have prominent midrib.
Brachychiton populneus, bottle tree
Lvs vary from ovate to palmately lobed smooth. bark smooth w/ vertical whitish lines. Fruit resembles canoe.
Callistemon viminalis, Weeping bottle brush
New lvs sorft maturing to hard & coriacious. weeping branches. Bottle brush flw reddish excerted stamens. Persistent capsule
Cornus florida, flowering dogwood
flws before lvs. flws turban shaped, notched tips pink.
Melaleuca quinqueneriva, Cajeput Tree
bottle brush like lvs. w/ 5 parallel veins, slightly hairy. Thick spongy bark the peels in sheets. Smelly crushed lvs.
Myoporum laetum, closed pore myoporun
Lvs. translucent dots when held in light, short petioles >1/2" thrip
Rhaphiolepis 'Majestic Beauty'
Lvs. thick coriaceous, simple, elliptic (variable) coarsely serrate, shiny. cup shaped compound cyme 10" white to pink fragrant flws.
Ficus microcarpa, Indian laurel fig
Lvs. midveins light colored and prominent, dense foliage, smooth light gray bark (graffiti tree)
Koelreuteria bipinnata, Chinese flame tree
odd pinnately compound lvs. 1-2' small teeth, capsule papery 2" triangular.
Lophostemon confertus, Brisbane Box
Lvs w/ light midrib. Flws white fluffy stamens in fascicles. Bark w/ reddish brown bark peeling to smooth light bark.
Melaleuca styphelioides, Paperbark tree
Lvs sharp prickly, bark papery white spongy peeling in sheets, woody capsules.
Podcarpus macrophyllus, Yew Pine
Lvs shorter then P. henkelii, wider and longer then Afrocarpus gracilior, yellowish green underside 3-8" simple entire linear glabrous spiral. no flws no fruit.
Butia capitata, Pindo Palm
stout trunk 1-2', hula dancer skirt or stubs of old leaves. Arching feather pinnately compound blue leaves. smell of pineapple
Prunus laurocerasus, English Laurel
Large shrub to medium tree, 3-7" simple oblong, serrate, alternate.
Prunus x subhirtella 'Pendula', Weeping Cherry
umbrella shape, branches often reaching to the ground. 3/4-1" rose pink or whitish flowers, corymbs of 2-5 flws
Pyrus calleryana, Ornamental Pear
upright branching, 1-3" simple long petiole oval undulate-crenate alternate-whorled. rose like (5 sep/pet) 3/4-1" white flws, 3" corymbs.
Washingtonia robusta, Mexican Fan Palm
4-5' simple palmate divided (70-80 divisions), few long thread like filaments on margins. Grows 50-80', smooth gray trunks on old trees.
Xylosma congesta
Zigzagging trunk, redish new growth.
Acacia baileyana, Fern-leaf Acacia
bipinnately compound elliptic leaves (2-10 primary leaflets & 20-30 pinnules per pinna) Bright yellow ball flowers 1/4", raceme 3-4"
Afrocarpus gracilior, Fern Pine
Leaves continue onto branch, 1-4" simple linear-needle like, soft, midrib projected on underside. Weeping habit.
Agonis flexuosa, Peppermint Tree
crushed leaves smell of peppermint, weeping habit, branches covered w/ distinct coarse dark red bark. prominent midrib underside.
Eriobotrya japonica, Loquat
Leaf white tomentose beneath, short petioles. New leaves wooly. 6-10" simple pinnate obovate.
Picea spp. & cvs.
Needles single on pegs radiate around twigs
Pistacia chinensis, Chinese Pistache
Lvs sometimes folded, 12" pinnate, 10-12 leaflets entire. Flws tiny panicles white or yellow. Drupe 1/4" green to purple.
Jacaranda mimosifolia, Jacaranda
Lvs bipinnately compound 20-40 primary leaflets w/ 18-48 secondary leaflets, terminal leaf pointed. Flws terminal panicle blue-purple. Fruit 2 celled capsule.
Parrotia persica, Persian Ironwood
Lvs. lopsided, short petiols, prominent, dentate or serrate, 6-7" undulate oval, foliatious.
Robinia pseudoacacia & hybrids, Black Locust
Flws fragrant wisteria like racemes 4-8" white or pink. Branches thorned. Lvs 12" pinnately compound , leaflets 1-2" elliptic to oval.
Acer palmatum, Japanese Maple
Lvs palmate 5-7 lobes, 2-4", new growth reddish in sun,smooth gray bark, samara 2"
Ulmus procera, English elm
Lvs w/ hair at axils of veins on underside, 10-12 pairs of lateral veins. Suckers. Fruit thin winged roundish samara 3/4-1". Lvs 2-4" ovate doubly serrate.
Cinnamomum camphora, Camphor tree
New lvs coppery red, old lvs yellow to red, 2-5" elliptic undulate nearly opposite glossy, fragrant. Alligator skin bark, trunk base often swollen. Twigs smooth yellow green to brown.
Acacia decurrens, Green Acacia
Lvs 4-6" 8-25 pairs of leaflets, fluffy yellow flws, legume 2-4"
Chorisa speciosa, Silk floss tree
Heavy swollen green(young) trunk w/ prominent spines, palmate compound lvs, flws pink-purple 4", capsule oblong 5-7".
Erythrina crista-galli, Cockspur coral tree
Lvs palmate ternate compound 3 w/ long petioles, flws 1' long spike deep pink to scarlet pea-like, spikes on branches.
Geijera parviflora, Australian willow
Lvs weeping curving slightly 3-10" simple linear. aromatic when crushed.
Gleditsia triacanthos inermis, Thornless Honey Locust
Lvs 6-12", 1-2 x pinnately compound, oblong lanceolate. Fruit legume 10-16" flat glossy
Schefflera spp & cvs, Umbrella tree
Lvs palmately compound, leaflets 7-9" tacoid, long petioles.
Syagrus romanzoffianum, Queen Palm
Lvs w/ leaflets radiating unevenly along rachis, petioles unarmed, smooth bark ringed. foliage at top of slender upright trunk.
Carpinus betulus, European Hornbeam, Ironwood
Lvs like Betula; old trunks beautifully fluted, bark handsome gray, often striped w/ brown; very strong wood used to make tool handles, "horn beam" from use as yoke for oxen. Common in hedgerows in England.
Cryptomeria japonica, Japanese Cryptomeria, Japanese Cedar
Lvs. prickly to touch, except for soft 'Elegans'; stout single or multi-trunked w/ slightly pendulous branches; reddish-brown bark peels off in thin strips (redwood-like), foliage turning purplish-reddish in winter.
Cupressus macrocarpa, Monterey Cypress
male cones shed pollen in early spring, female cones w/ 4-6 peltate scales, w/ blunt knots mature in summer of 2nd yr.; bark reddish brown, w/ narrow vertical ridges, smaller diagonal ones, becoming grayish w/ age.
Cyathea cooperi, Australian Tree Fern
stout hairy trunk, w/ knobs remaining from cut leaf stalks, when old leaf bases finally drop off they leave distinc- tive circular scars on trunk
Dicksonia antartica, Tasmanian Tree Fern
Mature fronds more finely cut than Cyathea cooperi, individual fronds lasting roughly 1 season turning brown after the new year's growth
Magnolia stellata, Star Magnolia
tepals much narrower & more profuse than most magnolias; twigs slender, brownish gray, glabrous, closely set; bark smooth, ashy gray, becoming scaly; fruit rarely forms
Prunus x yedoensis, Yoshino Flowering Cherry
soft, ethereal texture in bloom, pistils, pedicels & calyx pubescent; bark smooth, thought to be a Japanese hybrid of P. serrulata & P. subhirtella after 1868, like P. serrulata but less hairy.
Aesculus californica, California Buckeye
Plants go dormant if allowed to go dry during the summer beginning in June until spring; in full flw, plants look like a giant candlabra. Trunk usually stout & multiple trunked, shrublike in natural habitat ; seeds sprout freely
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Port Orford Cedar
Lacy flat foliage sprays of leaves, soft to touch w/ short blunt points; bark thin, brown, becoming gray w/ age, w/ irregular shallow seams & flat, shallow ridges, frequent diagonal crossings, peeling in narrow, vertical strips.
Eriobotrya deflexa, Bronze Loquat
Lvs. often clustered at ends of branches, more pointed, thinner & smaller, not as leathery or deeply veined than E. japonica, also fruit smaller; thin bark gray-brown becomes scaly w/ shallow seams; flws attract bees
Eucalyptus globulus, Blue Gum
aromatic leaves, attracts bees; leaf dimorphism: juvenile lvs. are silvery blue, ovate paired on square stems, w/ no petioles; mature lvs. lanceolate to falcate, brittle wood, will trunk sprout.
Eucalyptus viminalis, White Gum
aromatic leaves, attractive trunk or branching, interesting bark is creamy white with other tones and sheds in long tan strips, wood has been used for shingles and rough carpentry.
Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo
Lvs. expanded needles w/ parallel veins; edible kernel inside conelike structure on female; bark tan to grey.
Liriodendron tulipifera, Tulip Tree
Distinct tulip shaped lvs & flws; twigs shiny reddish brown w/ buds w/ 2 green flaps, which temp. remain at base of emerging leaf petiole; bar smooth becomeing gray-brown furrowed, w/ rough rounded ridges
Pittosporum undulatum, Victorian Box
often very heavy production of intensely fragrant flowers in spring; bark grayish brown w/ coarse to somewhat smooth texture
Araucaria heterophylla, Hawaiian Christmas Tree
Juvenile growth (seen on houseplants) is soft & needle-like, mature growth overlapping awl-shaped lvs w/ stiff points. Brown cones only on very old trees; Distinct layered branching pattern, forming a star-like pattern
Chamaerops humilis, Mediterranean Fan Palm
long armed leaf petioles. One to many trunks, generally a large shrub, a small tree up to 12' only w/ great age. Individual plants may be polygamous or dioecious.
Magnolia x soulangiana, Saucer Magnolia,
flw buds long & hairy, open before lvs emerge, old specimens w/ graceful horizonal branches have lovely winter sihlouette, attractive bark is smooth & light gray
Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island Date Palm
Uppermost lvs erect; lower ones hang down forming "skirt", spiny persistent lf. petiole bases; massive thick trunk so 3' dia. w/ distinctive scars when petioles dehise. Lg. specimens easily transplanted due to fibrous root system.
Aesculus x carnea
Red Horsechestnut
Leaves palmately compound, elliptic to ovate, 5 leaflets/leaf, almost sessile, doubly serrate/undulate margins, bullate surface, opposite arrangement.
Flowers are campanulate, pink to dark red w/ yellow throat markings, on branched pannicles, 5-10".
Fruit is leathery capsule, 1-2", green turning brown.
Albizia julibrissin
Mimosa, Silk Tassel Tree
Leaves are evenly bipinnately compound, fern-like, elliptic, entire or ciliate margins, petioles w/ gland, alternate arrangement.
Flowers are spikes of fluffy stamens, white w/ pink tips, 1-1 1/4" dia, pleasant fragrance.
Fruit is legume w/ no partitions, 6-10" w/ pointed ends.
Catalpa bignonioides
Common Catalpa, Indian Bean Tree
Leaves have foul odor (like rubber/skunky) when crushed, simple, cordate, entire, glabrous/pubescent, cordate base, long acuminate tip, oppposite or whorls of 3 arrangement, little hairs on veins underneath.
Flowers are salveform/tubular, 1-1 1/2" on pyramidal pannicles, showy, fragrant, white w/ yellow & brown spots.
Fruit is capsule, bean pod-like, 6-12" long, narrow, cigar shaped.
Cornus kousa
Kousa Dogwood
Leaves often rusty brown w/ hairs on undersides at base of veins, simple, arculate venation, ovate shape, entire margins, glabrous/glaucous surface, long acuminate tip, opposite arrangement.
Flowers are showy, w/ narrow pointy bracts, star-like, creamy white color.
Fruit is raspberry-like, w/ globose head, to 1" across, edible.
Fraxinus angustifolia 'Raywood'
Raywood Ash
Distinctive knobby twigs
New leaves appear whorled at branch ends, leaflets w/out petiolules (sessile). Pubescent at leaflet base.
Leaves are odd pinnately compound, ovate, 7-9 leaflets/leaf, leaflets are lanceolate, 2.5" long, serrated margins, glabrous surface, acuminate tip, opposite arrangement.
Flowers are tiny, pale green/purple, on pannicles.
Fraxinus uhdei
Evergreen Ash
Leaves are odd pinnately compound. Leaflets lanceolate to obovate, every leaflet has a short petiolule. 5-9 leaflets/leaf, leaflets to 4" long, leaves feel more leathery than F. angustifolia 'Raywood,' Serrate margins, glossy surface, opposite arrangement.
Flowers are small, yellowish green on small, dense pannicles.
Fruit is samara on female trees 1-1.5" long, w/ canoe-paddle shape.
Melia azedarach
Leaves are fern-like, bipinnately compound, deltoid, ovate-lanceolate leaflets, serrate or lobed/undulate margins, glossy surface, alternate arrangement.
Flowers are deeply fragrant, 5-6 lobed, spreading, 2/3" filaments united, on 4-8" pannicle, lavender/lilac purple w/ blushed white markings.
Fruit is berry, round, 1/2-3/4", persistent, yellowish, hard (can be made into rosary beads).
Michelia spp. & cvs.
Paulownia tomentosa
Empress Tree
Platanus x acerifolia
London Plane Tree, "Sycamore"
Sapium sebiferum
Chinese Tallow Tree
Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium', Full Moon Maple
Lvs nearly round deeply lobed (each lobe also cut and toothed) fern like. 2-5"
Acer rubrum, Red Maple
reddish petioles, branchlets, buds, and flowers. lvs 2-4" 3-5 palmately lobed coarsely serrate. Samara paired .5-1' reddish-green.
Photinia serratifolia, Chinese Photinia
lvs stiff shiny coriaceous leaves prickly edges 8" elliptic. flws rotate 1/4" compound cyme 6" white stinky. Fruit 1/4" berry.
Pinus canariensis, Canary Island Pine
Long needles
Araucaria bidwillii, Bunya-Bunya