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CLS in Newhall Iowa, May 21 quiz, science, 3rd grade


all the living and non living things in an environment


all the living things in an ecosystem


all the members of a certain type of a living thing in an area


the place where a plant or animal naturally lives or grows


an organism that makes it's own food


an organism that eats the producer and other consumers

food chain

a series of organisims that depend on another for food


an organism that breaks down plant and animal material

food web

several food chains that are connected

energy pyramid

a diagram that shows how energy in an ecosystem is used


an organism that lives in or on another organism


the organism a parasite lives on or in

carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle

the exchange of gasses between producers and consumers

5 things all living things need to survive

air, water, sun, shelter, food

the ONE thing all food that we eat comes from


list 6 ecosystems

tundra, dessert, rain forest, ocean, pond, lake

3 groups that make up the energy pyramid

producers, plant eaters, meat eaters

the gas people breathe in


difference between producers and consumers

consumers eat producers and other consumers. Producers make their own food

Step 1 of the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle

producers give off oxygen as the make their own food

Step 2 of the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle

Consumers take in the oxygen that the producers make

Step 3 of the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle

Consumers give off carbon dioxide

Step 4 of the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle

Producers take in carbon dioxide from the consumer

where the world's oxygen supply comes from

forest....plants and algae

purpose of decomposers

we need them because they break down dead plants and animals

if the part of the food chain is missing...then what happens?

they all die

what gas do people breathe out

carbon dioxide

4 types of producers

plant, grass, flower, trees

4 types of consumers

tiger, bear, fox, wolf

what organisms help each other

a squirrel and a nut

where is one organism harmed and one helped?

a tapeworm and a human

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