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  1. IRA
  2. Frederick the Great
  3. Mussolini
  4. Amristar Massacre
  5. dictatorship
  1. a government in which one person or a small group holds complete authority
  2. b Italian fascist dictator (1883-1945)
  3. c whe 50 british indian army soldiers opened fire on an unarmed gather of men, women, and children
  4. d Was the ruler of Prussia (a German state) and centralized the government and put it under his control. He was also known for being the royla drill sergent and improving his army.
  5. e Irish terrorist group aimed at kicking the British off their island

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  1. the ruler of an empire
  2. This was the empress of Russia who continued Peter's goal to Westernizing Russia, created a new law code, and greatly expanded Russia
  3. the cold war conflict in which UN soliders fought to defend South Korea from takeover by Communist North Korea, ending a stalemate in 1953
  4. British statesman and leader during World War II
  5. Beginning in 1934, Stalin's plan to eliminate all opposition to his Communist government.

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  1. Enlightened Despotsworld war I alliance of Britian, France, and Russia, and later joined by Italy, the United States, and others.


  2. Irish Potato FamineThe potato crops in Ireland became diseased and the Irish starved. Set off the immigration to the U.S.


  3. Soviet UnionA Communist nation, consisting of Russia and 14 other states, that existed from 1922 to 1991.


  4. Austro-Hungarian EmpireCreated after the division of the Holy Roman Empire


  5. The Social Contractwritten by Rousseau stating that the government officials cannot rule without the consent of the people