13 terms

Unit Three: Test 2 Part A

repugnant; adj
The furry white and green mold growing on the old tomato sauce was a _______ sight.
lucid; adj
Correct punctuation makes prose more _____.
foible; n
ONe of my ____s is biting into many chocolates in a box until I find one I like.
conspiracy; n
The dictator arrested everyone involved in the _____ to overthrow him, including his wife.
facsimile; n
A ____ of a transcript isn't official unless it has been stamped with the seal of the school register.
contrite; adj
The boys were ___ when they realized that their teasing had made Mary afraid to go to school the next day.
eradicate; v
If the common cold were ever _____(e)d, it would be economically unhealthy for the makers of cold remedies.
exhort; v
The TV preacher ____(e)d viewers to support his ministry with whatever finds they could manage to send.
inclusive; adj
"It's an all-____ tour," the travel agent said. "Hotels, meals, flight both ways- everything is covered in one package."
advocate; v
Environmentalists ____ stricter controls on American industry, which releases billions of pounds of pollution into the air each year.
metamorphosis; n
After Callie learned to read at the age of 30, she underwent a ______. She changed from being shy to confident, got an interesting new job, and started taking college classes at night.
emancipate; v
When i told my son to mow the lawn after he'd cleaned his room, he groaned and said, "I thought Lincoln ______(e)d all the slaves, but it looks like he forgot one. "
preposterous; adj
The man made the ____ claim that he had been taken aboard a Martian spaceship by someone who looked like Woody Allen, except that his screen was green.