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Properties of Water Oral quiz

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why is it important for hydrogen bonds to be weak bonds instead of strong bonds
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Since cohesion is when water molecules stick together, an example would be a water drop like dew on grass
Adhesion is usually caused by interactions between the molecules of the two substances, an example would be f you have ever dipped the edge of a paper towel or toilet paper square into a puddle of water.

You'll notice that the water races up the paper towel quite fast, eventually soaking the whole thing even if you have only dipped a corner into the liquid!

That is the adhesion of water in action: water molecules stick to charged molecules within the paper.
If ice was more dense than water, the ice would sink to the the bottom of the ocean and the ocean floor would freeze over, and then freeze up to the top, killing all aquatic life. The same would happen to the freshwater streams and lakes. There would be less oxygen in the world because of the loss of aquatic plants that produce oxygen.