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What 4 main roads intersect Fortwashington Ave after limekiln pike if you turn right from Limekiln (heading to school).
1. Meetinghouse Rd
2.Susquehanna Rd
3. Highland Ave
4. Pennsylvania Ave
If you take a left on Fortwashington from our house what main street will you end up on?
Welsh Road
If you take a right out of our house and head straight what roads intersect/merge Limekiln Pike until Horsham Road?
1. Norristown Rd (intersects)
2. Welsh Road (intersects)
3. E. Butler Pike (left)
4. Babylon Rd (right)
5. Tennis Avenue (left)
6. Mckean Road (left)
What roads intersect/ merge Limekiln Pike after Horsham Road to the end?
1.County Line Rd (intersects)
2.Mill Creek Rd. (right)
3. Stump Rd (intersects)
4. 202 (intersects)
5. Upper State Rd (intersects)
6. W. Butler Ave (end of Limekiln)