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Artist Sketchbooks

Peter Beard
American artist, photographer & diarist who lives in New York and Kenya whose journals often integrate Africa, African animals and his photographs.
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Canadian artist and author who published 5 books of her colorful, expressive journals, the first at age 23 and hosts a podcast called Room in the Trees.
Dan Eldon
Kenyan photojournalist, artist and activist who was stoned to death in covering the famine in Somalia but left behind a series of creative, personal journals.
Austin Kleon
American artist and author who started out as a librarian, web designer & copywriterand published bestselling books Steal Like an Artist & Show Your Work!
Lynda Barry
American cartoonist, author, & teacher known for her weekly comic strip Ernie Pook's Comeek who published her teaching journal Syllabus.
Ronald Searle
British artist and satirical cartoonist best remembered as the creator of St Trinian's School who published his sketchbooks of the streets and people of Paris.
Lisa Congdon
American artist, author and illustrator who is known for her colorful abstract paintings, intricate line drawings, pattern design, illustrated quotes & hand lettering.
Robert Crumb
American cartoonist & musician whose work lead the underground comix movement in the 1960s and traded sketchbooks for a house in France.
Janice Lowry
American artist who was known primarily for her 3D assemblages, collages, paintings, and the visual journals that she kept throughout her life.
Eugene Delacroix
French Romantic artist regarded from the outset of his career as the leader of the French Romantic school whose sketchbook from a visit to Morocco was published as Notes from a Journey to Morocco.