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brief subjective poem worked strongly by imagination, melody, and emotion, creating a single unified impression


Form of verse to be sung or recited and characterized by its presentation of a dramatic or exciting episode or simple narrative


study of knowledge (how we know things)


experience of objects


object gets its meaning only through the active use of consciousness


the philosophical principle that an idea or event (thesis) creates its opposite (antithesis) and leads to a reconciliation of opposites (synthesis).


novels broken into three parts

Social Darwinism

competition among people classes in progress, the strong survive and the weak die

Innocent or Naive

narrator we disbelieve because he or she fails to understand all of the implications of the story


Novel that deals with the development of a young person, from adolescence to maturity

Literary Theories

Schools of thought that formulate general principles about how to interpret literature


Ridiculously inappropriate or unsuccessful version or attempt at something


Overindulgence in emotion, especially the conscious effort to induce emotion in order to enjoy. An optimistic overemphasis of the goodness of humanity.


an overview of rhythm and meter

stressed syllable


unstressed syllable



policy based on the idea that government should play as small a role as possible in the economy

Victorian Period

period of time designated by the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901)

Reader Response

No interpretation is right or wrong, each individual has a different interpretation (within reason, text limits possibilities),text is not finished until it is read and interpreted


Uses the form (grammar, structure, imagery, tone, etc.) of the text to help analyze it.


Uses relationship between the era, time, location, economical and societal circumstances, and the artist. Looks at social, economical, and political values expressed in a work.


Influential type of sociological criticism. Content of a work determines form. All art is political


Because of modern psychology, literature is and expression of psychological concerns or development of either the author or the intended audience. Literature reflects the psyche and provides insight into ourselves.


Analyzes and evaluates literature on how the view women. Bring attention to sexist views in hopes of eliminating them.


Focuses on explicating the literary work by using the insight provided by knowledge of the author's life

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