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between heaven and earth

The "Middle Kingdom" means:

Huang He

The yellow river is known in China as the:


The first unification of the Chinese people into one empire occurred during which dynasty?

Chiang Kai-shek led the army of the Communists against Mao Zedong

Which of these statements is false?

china opened its market up to British goods

what was the initial result of the Opium War?

Altai Mountains

Which of these mountain ranges is not on the outskirts of the tibetan plateau

Inner Mongolia

Today much of the great wall runs close to the southern border of:


china does not border which of these countries

the taklamakan desert

Which physical feature in china's name means "Once you get in, you'll never get out"?


which of these cities is farthest north

northeast china

political instability in the early 20th century led the government to encourage millions of farmers to which region

sedimentation deposited around the lower course of the river often leads to extensive lowland flooding

Why is the Huang He called "china's sorrow"?

Give tibet control over all aspects of its governance except defense and foreign policy

the dalai lama asks china to do what in regards to Tibet?

The chinese government has successfully negotiated with the Dalai Lama about Tibet

Which of these statements about china's minority ethnic groups is false?

Qinling Mountains

the traditionally-recognized dividing line between North and South china is the:

chang Jiang

Which river has served as a major east-west transportation corridor in China?

Reduce massive annual losses of grain

mao's "four no's campaign" was designed to:

Merging agricultural cooperatives into communes

What was the cornerstone of the Great Leap Forward?

Chinese agricultural output expanded by about 15 percent during the 1980s and 1990s

Which of these statements about Chinese agriculture is false?

Guangdong; civet

SARS originated in ____ Province and the likely original animal host for the disease was the _____.

Where goods must be transferred from one mode of transportation to another

A "break-of-bulk point" is:

Sun Yat-sen

Who is sometimes called the "George Washington of China"?

Shipping to the inland city of Chongquing is expected to decrease after the dam's construction

Which of these statements about the Chang Jiang water Transfer Project is false?


Which of these is China not the world's leading producer of?

Began large-scale industrial development after a rift with the Soviet Union

Between the early 1950s and the mid- 1990s, China's Communist government:

the SARS virus was in decline in China by late 2003 even as it was still spreading in other nations

Which of these statements is false?


Which ancient city lies in the Wei River valley?


Which fishing village was turned into a major port city largely by foreign enterprise?


Hong Kong reverted to chinese control in which year?

Japanese; sugar

The ______ governed Taiwan until 1945, developing it mainly as a ____-growing colony.

Taiwan's lack of usable domestic energy sources

What has been a major hurdle for further economic growth in Taiwan?

Taiwan held China's seat at the United Nations until the 1990s

Which of these statements about Taiwan is false?

Mongolia was the third Asian country to abandon Communism

Which of these statements about Mongolia is false?

Marco Polo was the first person to follow the Silk Road in its entirety


China has become self-sufficient in production of rice, corn, wheat, and vegetables in the last two decades


Wuhan is the city located right below the famous gorges of the Chang Jiang


China achieved major successes in developing its heavy industry thanks to the implementation of a command economy


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