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Fredrick Douglas

Pro- Slavery, Debated against for Presidency, called Lincoln an Abolitionist, Favored Popular Sovereignty in hope of Slavery spreading across Western U.S.

David Walker

A free black abolitionist originally from North Carolina who writes the Freedom Journal

William L. Garrison

Abolitionist: Wrote The Liberator, Promoted Women's suffrage.

Sojourner Truth

African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist.

Harriet Tubman

Created the Underground Railroad for escaped slaves.

Harriet B. Stowe

Abolitionist- Uncle Tom's Cabin- Slavery's Bad

American Colonization Society

Return free African Americans to Africa. Liberia becomes place of freed men

Missouri Compromise

Split America into Slave States and Freed States. Missouri Becomes Slave State, Maine Admitted as Freed State

Tallmadge Amendment

During Missouri Compromise: Tallmadge, an opponent of slavery, sought to impose conditions on Missouri that would extinguish slavery within a generation


Supported Centralized Banking and Tariffs to Spark American Economy


Liked Slaves, embraced immigrants as votes

Free Soil party

Opposed Slavery in West

Know Nothings

Anti Immigrant, Split on Slavery


Opposed Slavery, Brought together by Abe Lincoln

Texas Independence and Annexation

Annex of Texas mainly because of Manifest Destiny

Oregon Territory Acquisition

Polk desired Manifest Destiny and Acquired Western Coast

Mexican-American War

Self Explanatory, Treat of Guadalupe Hidalgo settles border at Rio Grande

James Polk

promises four things: National Bank, Lower Tariff Rates, Get Oregon Territory for British, Get SW from Mexico, Achieves all four things.

Walker Tariff

Lowered Tariffs, Helped South who didn't have much industry

Wilmot Proviso

Territory Gained by Mex- Am War is free

Gold Rush

California reaches statehood, gold rush!

Compromise of 1850

Since Cali breaks Mo. Compromise, a compromise must be met... never worked but all five separate legislations passed, averted civil war.

Fugitive Slave Act

All escaped slaves to be sent back to owners and fined.

Popular Sovereignty

State votes for what they want

Stephan Douglas

Supported Popular Sovereignty

Kansas- Nebraska Act

created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, opened new lands, repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820, and allowed settlers in those territories to determine if they would allow slavery within their boundaries.

Bleeding Kansas

Popular Sovereignty Fails, start of civil war.

Potawatomic Creek Massacre

John Brown, believes slavery is awful. Retaliates on pro-slavery supporters

Sumner Brooks Incident

North (Sumner) criticizes south, South (Brooks) retaliates and beats him with his cane.

Ostend Manifesto

U.S. wants to eradicate slavery in Cuba, South worried b/c it is close!

Dred Scott v. Sanford

Full faith & Credit Clause makes it possible to own slaves in North if your owner moves there.

Roger Taney

Jury who states full faith and credit clause

James Buchanan

Civil War time president, bad president

Lecompton Compromise

Kansas deemed as a slave state with popular vote discussing the possibility of more slaves in Western Territories.

Raid on Harper's Ferry

Led by John Brown in hopes of reaching Confederate Armory, Gets Owned.

Abe Lincoln

Wartime President, Shot by James Wilkes Booth. Singular focus was to salvage the Union. Intended on abolishing slavery over time. Witty and logical- great speaker.

Freeport Doctrine

Douglas goes nuts for Popular Sovereignty in West. Southerners Unsure.

Lincoln Douglas Debates

Popular Sovereignty and Slavery Debates.

Election of 1860

Northerners Like Lincoln, Moderate, Southerners hate Lincoln favoring Douglas because of Lincoln's actions in Freeport Doctrine... Lincoln Wins, South Seceding.

John Breckenridge

Confederate General who became president proceeding Abe Lincoln.

First Ordinances of Secession

7 States Secede from the Union to create the Confederate States of America. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

Crittenden Compromise

Slavery will be protected where it already exists.

Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederate States of America for its entire history

Ft. Sumter

n, South Carolina. Union is supposed to leave all Confederate state offices. Abe Lincoln thinks Sumter is important enough to stand ground. Creates a barricade around the Charleston bay. Ready to attack if Southerners initiate war. Starts War...

Northern Advantages in Civil War

Bigger population, more industry, more accessible railroads

Anaconda Plan

Reaction to Fort Sumter. Creates Barricade around Southeast and up the Mississippi. Naval Blockade prohibits trade out of the south.

Suspension of Habeas Corpus

Didn't want Northerners acting up about Union, no need to explain why being arrested

Bull Run I

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was the confederate leader who stood his ground for the Confederacy. Reinforcements for Confederacy came and the Great Skedaddle took place- unorganized retreat of Union soldiers and families.

Limit War v. Total War

Limited War: Efficiently Fighting with strict rules to maintain info-structure. Total War: Destroy everything.

George McClellan

Union General who takes over and makes troops a fighting force. Saves army from falling apart. Newspapers called him "Young Napoleon".


Bloodiest Day in American History- Lee goes into Maryland to make it Confederate State, drops battle plans and McClellan picks it up. McClellan doesn't take advantage.

Emancipation Proclamation

States all states in rebellion are free. (Not border states) beginning of African American troops being recruited.


Huge win for Union (Meade) vs. Confederate Lee


Total War! Union (Grant) begins its march toward victory.

U.S. Grant Post Vicksburg

Traps Lee and forces him to Surrender

Election of 1864

Abe Lincoln Reelected; Death Blow to Slavery

Sherman's March to the Sea

Sherman (Confederacy) Marches to Savannah using total war tactics

John Wilkes Booth

Actor who Assassinates Abe Lincoln

10% Plan

Lincoln wanted 10% of Voting South to take an Oath to avoid Secession

Wade- Davis Bill

50% Voting Population to take an Oath to avoid Secession

13th Ammendment

Outlawed Slavery

Freedmen's Bureau

Basic Necessities Provided for emancipated slaves.


Southern whites who supported Reconstruction

14th Amendment

Citizenship for African Americans

Tenure in Office Act

President cannot fire senators and other governmental representatives

Impeachment of Johnson

Violated Tenure in Office Act!

"Wave the Bloody Shirt"

Lincoln's Reconstruction Slogan

15th Ammendment

Voting Rights for African Americans

Compromise of 1877

Ended Reconstruction.

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