The water cycle and clouds

Happens in the atmosphere as water vapor changes to water droplets
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Study the diagram to the right about how clouds are formed which water cycle processCondensationWhen white puffy clouds appear in s.c. What type of weather will most likely occur .Forms when water vapor condenses directly on a surfaceDewWhich type of cloud would most closely associated with cirrus cloudsForm when water vapor changes from gas directly to ice crystals on a surface when the temperature at which condensing would take place is at the freezing point or blow .FrostWater that falls on the-land attempts to move back towards sea level asSurface water or ground water runoffClouds form at medium or low elevations and are puffy with flat bottomsCumulusSometime clouds may from at or near the ground when the good cools after a warm humid day what is this clouds calledFogclouds form at high elevations and are wispy clouds usually consisting of ice crystals.Circusclouds form at medium or low elevations and are spread out layer upon layer covering a large area.StatusNimbus" as a prefix or suffix meansRainThe prefix alto may be used to describeMedium levelThunderstorms form withinlarg cumulonimbus cloudsThe major type of clouds include all of the following ExceptFind the gulf steam and the North Atlantic Drift on the map .They are warm ocean currents . Which two areas of the wind world have their climates affected by the air warmed from these currents .Eastern U.S and Western EuropeLook at the weather date below for sun city for the day Monday through Thursday choose the best descitption of the relationship between temperature and pressure for most of those daysAs the temperature went up the pressure dropped