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henry the navigator

created the first school for the advancement of navigation

bartolomeu dias

first to sail around africa

vasco da gama

first to sail around africa to calcutta, india

Christopher Columbus

first to sail west to reach the east

Juan Ponce Leon

sailed from Puerto Rico and settled Florida

Vasco Nunez de Balboa

first to cross the Isthmus of Panama

Hernando Cortes

invaded and conquered mexico and the aztecs indians

Francisco Pizarro

invaded peru and conquered the Incas

Hernando de Soto

sailed from Cuba to Florida and explored the Mississippi River

Francisco Cornado

explored the southwest United States

Ferdinand Magellan

first to circumnavigate the world
from portugal_working for spain

John Cabot

explored the coast of New Foundland, Nova Scotia, and Labrador

Giovanni de Verrazano

sailed the atlantic coast from North Carolina to New York
from italy__working for france

Jacques Cartier

sailed the St. Lawrence River to present day Montreal, Canada

Sir Martin Frobisher

sailed the coast of Greenland

Henry Hudson

explored the hudson river up the present day Albany, NY
from england
working for : netherlands, england

treaty of tordesillas

the Set Line of Demarcation which was a boundary established in 1493 to define Spanish and Portuguese possessions in the Americas.

Pope Alexander VI

set the papal line of demarcations


the east lands/americas


the west lands and Brazil

the northwest passage

the attemps to find a route around the top of the new world

amerigo vespuci

(from italy) works for spain&portugal
mapmaker used his sketches and called lands amerigo's land= america

sir frances drake

from/working for england
privateer,sea dog, and explorer

samuel de champlain

from/working for : france
established quebec
explored interior of canada

the columbian exchange

the diffusion of plants, animals, and goods between the old/new world


settled in north america/ america


settled in north america (canada, great lakes)


settles in mexico, south america


setttled on the border of south america (BRAZIL)


settled in small part of eastern coast of south america

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