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What is the last day to drop a course in the fall/spring semesters?
Wednesday of the 11th week p. 29
What is the last day to drop a course in the summer?
Wednesday of 3rd week p. 29
Whose approval do you need to withdraw from a course?
Advisor p. 30
Where do you submit a request to withdraw from the University?
Campus Connect/MySAU p. 30
Students may audit a course for professional development or review. Do you receive credit for auditing a course?
No p. 31
What is the significance of the first digit of a course number?
Student classification p. 31
What is the significance of the last digit of a course number?
Number of credit hours earned by completing the course p. 31
What are the freshmen level course numbers?
0000-1999. Explain how courses starting with a 0 will not count for degree credit hours p. 31
The range of credit hours earned to be a:
p. 31
Freshman: fewer than 30 hours
Sophomore: 30-59 hours
Junior: 60-89 hours
Senior: 90+ hours
What is the minimum number of hours needed to be a full-time student in the fall/spring semesters?
12 credit hours p. 32
How long do you have to complete a degree (without having to come under the most recent catalog)?
8 years p. 50
To meet English proficiency at SAU you must make a ___"C"___ or better in what two classes?
Composition I & II p. 47
What is the maximum credit load for fall/spring and for summer?
Fall/Spring - 18 hours
Summer - 7 hours p. 32
What do the following grades symbolize?
I = Incomplete
CR = Credit
W = Withdrawal with passing work
NC = Non-credit
WF = Withdrawal with failure
What is the deadline for formally initiating a grade review?
No later than 3 weeks after the beginning of the next "regular" semester (regular = fall/spring, summer terms are not included)
p. 36
Where should you go to request a copy of your transcript?
Office of the Registrar p. 37
Mid-term grades may be printed by accessing
MySAU/Campus Connect p. 35
To be in good academic standing, students with 30 or more attempted hours must maintain a
2.00 GPA p. 38
What is the purpose of the General Education requirements?
To provide a basic well-rounded education p. 40
What freshman level general education English courses must you complete?
ENGL 1113 Composition I and ENGL 1123 Composition 2 p. 45
What is the minimum general education math requirement?
MATH 1053 Mathematical Literacy OR MATH 1023 College Algebra (depending on degree program, see note 4 on p. 46) p. 45
How many hours of general education biological science are required?
4 credit hours p. 45
How many hours of general education physical science?
4 credit hours p. 45
General education requires how many hours of social science?
9 credit hours p. 46
In what two subjects must you be enrolled every semester until you complete the freshman level general education requirements in those two subjects?
Math & English p. 47
What is the minimum number of hours to earn a baccalaureate degree?
120 credit hours p. 49
How many 3000/4000 level credit hours must you complete in order to earn a baccalaureate degree?
40 credit hours p. 49
What is the minimum GPA needed to earn a degree?
2.00 p. 50
Applications for financial aid can be completed and submitted after what date every year?
October 1 p. 57
What is the function of the Writing Center?
To assist writers (any major) with writing projects at any stage in the writing process p. 63
What is Student Support Services?
Federally funded program designed to assist qualified students in completing their post-secondary educational goals p. 62
What are two categories of dishonesty that fall under the Academic Integrity Policy?
Plagiarism, Cheating, or Fabrication p. 39-42
SAU's four colleges are:
1. David F. Rankin College of Business

2. College of Education

3. College of Liberal & Performing Arts

4. College of Science & Engineering

p. 2
How many commencement ceremonies are held each year?
3 p. 51
This statement is a portion of the ________________________ of Southern Arkansas University.
Mission Statement. p. 5
You are not officially registered for your classes until...
You make financial arrangements with the Business Office
The Advising Center is located in...
Overstreet room 238 p. 45
If you have declared a major, you will be assigned an advisor after completing how many credit hours?
What is the maximum percentage of "D" grades that you can have to earn a degree at SAU?