10 terms

psychology chapter 5

For which famous memory researcher is memory a problem-solving activity in which the problem is to give a coherent account of some past event, and the memory is the solution to the problem
Short-term memories appear to be localized in the
Profrontal lobes
Long-term memory is organized in the form of semantic networks, or nodes of related information spreading out from a central piece of knowledge, according to the work of
Which of the following might be the most appropriate analogy for eidetic imagery
A photograph
Repeating items over and over in order to aid memory is known as
maintenance rehearsal
People with dementia typically have a memory problem known as
anterograde amnesia
The best place to take your biology exam to ensure good retrieval of biology concepts is in the
biology classroom
According to Elizabeth Bowman
therapist have produced false memories through hypnosis
hypnosis increases confidence in memories, even fake ones
hypnosis makes production of false memories easier
A witness on the stand swears that he saw someone commit a crime. Must you believe that the testimony is valid when a witness testifies so forcefully
no, because there is a great possibility of a "false positive"
Retention of memory for some period of time