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Humanities chapters 8 & 9


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The late renaissance form of art the combined playwright, composer, chorus, singers and dancers is
Giuseppe Verdi
Which romantic composer wrote the musical scores for rigolleto and nabuko?
Richard Wagner
Which romantic composer produced bold, heroic operas in German that were later used to promite Nazism in Germany?
A dialogue heavy work that integrates music and story is called a
The written lyrics of an opera are referred to as
The composer who brought the operetta to prominence was
Pas de deux
In ballet seeing a slow dance duet set to melodious accompaniment means that you are watching a
Martha Graham
The modern choreographer of Rites of Spring and Appalachian Spring who broke with traditions of dance (such as the one through eight count) was
Alvin Ailey
The choreographer who started a dance company to expand professional opportunities for African-American dancers was
the desire to revise childhood stories for a modern world.
Musical theater productions such as Wicked most likely owe their popularity to
Film Noir
The film genre where both heroes and villains are cynical and disillusioned is...?
Mack Sennett
The filmmaker who developed slapstick is...?
Nondiegetic Sounds
Noises that come from the outside, such as voice-over narration and musical score, are part of...?
Endowing everyday events with danger
Alfred Hitchcock's famous shower scene in Psycho represents his technique
The auteur who was innovative in the use of long-shot and intense color effect and whose work directly influenced The Magnificent Seven is...?
A filmmaker whose innovative camera work played a large part in creating political propaganda is...?
Films that aim at revealing nonfictional truth are..?
Directors who choose their own projects and write screenplays that reflect their signature styles and their personal philosophies are called...?
A character that is identified with a specific actor, often to the point where the actor and the character are perceived as the same person, is called a(n)..?
Battleship Potemkin
A groundbreaking film known for its editing techniques is..?