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Range-of-motion exercises performed by patients who are able to move each joint without assistance are
Range-of-motion exercises administered by another person who moves cach joint for a patient who is not able to exercise are
Which of the following statements is not a principle that should be observed while performing ROM exercises?
Each joint should be exercised to the point of pain.
During ROM exercise, each movement should be performed
three to five times
How much space should there be between a person's armpit and the axillary bar of correctly fitted crutches?
2 inches
Which is the first gait taught to a patient who can bear weight on only one foot while walking with crutches?
Which crutches are recommended for patients who cannot grip the handles of other crutches or bear weight on the wrist and hands?
platform crutches
The type of cane that has four legs and a handlebar the patient can grip is a-
walkcane or hemiwalker
Heat applications
bring more oxygen and nutrients to an arca to stimulate healing
An example of a moist heat application is a/an
warm compress
The temperature for a warm - water bag should not exceed -
The temperature for an aquathermia pad is usually set at
95 ° to 105 ℉
Which of the following devices has an automatic temperature control to maintain the water temperature during a sitz bath?
sitz chair
The type of ROM that maintains joint function and movement, and helps prevent deformities, but does not strengthen muscles is
The correct term for cold applications is
Moving the wrist toward the little finger side
Ulnar deviation
Turning the forearm and hand so the palm of the hand is down
Excessive straightening of a body part
Rotation Turning the head from side to side