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Final Exam " A Problem" by Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov
Who wrote " A problem"?
Sasha Uskov
Who is the protagonist?
How old is Sasha?
No, his parents are dead
Does Sasha have parents?
His uncle's drawing room
Where does the story take place?
A family meeting to discuss the problem Sasha caused
What was happening?
He forges an IOU and does not pay it when it is due
What does Sasha do to cause the problem?
His three uncles
Who is discussing what should happen to Sasha?
Sasha's father's brother
Who is the Colonel?
Sasha's mother's brother
Who is Ivan Markovich?
Sasha's father's other brother
Who is the Treasury Official?
1500 rubles
How much was the promissory note for?
Whether they should pay the money to the bank for Sasha, or let the case go to trial
What was the uncles' debate?
He thinks Sasha should go to trial
What does the Colonel think should happen to Sasha?
he thinks they should pay the money for Sasha, because every young person makes mistakes
What does Ivan Markovich think should happen to Sasha?
Outside the drawing room, listening to his uncle's debate
Where is Sasha?
He is indifferent to their decision and is tired of life
What is Sasha's main feeling as he listen's to his uncle's discussion?
He dislikes them and finds them annoying
How does Sasha feel about his family?
Because all his friends did the same thing, and a friend had promised to lend him the money to pay the debt
What was Sasha's only explanation for why he did it?
The Uncles decide to pay the money for Sasha
What is the outcome of the uncle's debate?
That Sasha would come to the country the next day with Ivan Markovich and go to work
What was the one condition?
His friends were celebrating at a local bar
What does Sasha remember just after his uncles agree to pay his debt?
That he give Sasha 100 rubles
What does Sasha demand of Ivan Markovich?
Petrified Horror
What was Ivan Markovich's reaction?
Sasha will either give himself up to the police, or forge another bad note
What does Sasha threaten to do if Ivan Markovich does not give him the money?
That he is in fact a criminal.
When he rides away at the end of the story, what does Sasha realize?