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gilded age
a shallow worship and sharp social divisions existed
after 1870:
american inventiveness and technological progress flourished
effect of the rise of corporations in America was:
a decrease in the amount of long term planning by leaders of companies
disadvantage for american workers of the rise of corporations was:
fewer jobs were provided because of automation
"The Jungle" faced problems of:
meatpacking plants
The purpose of the settlement house movement was to:
help the working poor by provideing education and social services
the Great Uprising of 1877 was a general strike against the nations:
railway companies
The American federation of labor emphasized the tactic of:
collective bargaining
The central pacific railroad company relied heavily on the low-paid, hard work done by:
Chinese immigrants
what event in 1848 started a huge influx of whites into Indian territory?
the discovery of gold
the leader of the sand creek massacre, John Chivington, was:
a Methodist minister
an american force commanded by George A. Custer was overwhelmed during the:
Battle of the Little Bighorn
the 3rd party wirh the greatest importance in the late nineteenth century was the ______ party
the right to vote
the leader of the Women's Christian Temperance union argued that:
alcohol abuse was a result of poverty and social disorder
in 1888 Lord James Bryce said the most important reason for the mediocrity of american presidents was:
America's loyal political parties
the Sherman Antitrust Act:
failed to stop the unfettered growth of large corporations
throughout the 1890's, supreme court decisions tended to:
support the powers big business
the "progressive movement" was driven by:
a belief that moderate reforms were needed to help end social disorder
after the depression of the mid-1890s, a majority of Americans began to:
feel the the new measures were needed to promote social progress
all of the following are true about working conditions in the early 1900s except:
industrialists refused to resort to the subdivision of labor
Americans of "old stock" disliked new immigrants because:
they viewed predominantly Catholic and Jewish immigrants as threats to social stability
the industrial workers of the world differed from the A.F.L. by:
organizing all types of workers from variety of ethnic groups
prohibition went into effect in
19th amendment:
gave women right to vote
which statement about 1920's industry is NOT true?
business rejected any implementation of Taylor's scientific management
the main force behind the 1920s economy was;
Automobile production
all the following were aspects of the open shop campaign except:
the extension of collective bargaining rights for unskilled laborers
the republican presidents of the 1920s
emphasized the importance of business intrests
which statement about living patterns in the 1920s is not true?
the majority of americans still lived in rual areas
Blacks migrated to the urban north for all of the following reasons except:
racial discrimination was not a part of the north
Charles Lindbergh became a celebrity when he:
became the first pilot to fly across Atlantic
which statement about the KKK is NOT true?
The KKK membership was restricted to whites of any ethnic background
the most ominous trend of the 1920s was:
the uneven distribution of wealth that existed beneath apparent prosperity
all of the following were causes of the Great Depression except:
a drop in agricultural production in the mid-1920s
in the first years of the depression, personal income:
dropped by more than half
The Great Depression affected Germany in all of the following ways except:
it slowed the rise of Hitler to power
Frank Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in all the following ways except:
Roosevelt had announced the specifics of his New Deal package of legislation
The plight of American farmers during the depression was magnified by:
devastation droughts and dust storms throughout the 1930s
all of the following statements about Eleanor Roosevelt are true except:
despite her active role, she did not become involved in lobbying Congress
Nazi aggression finally was stalled in 1940 when:
England steadfastly resisted the Nazis in the Battle of Britain
Which statement about Pearl Harbor is true?
more than 2,000 americans were killed in the surprise Japanese attack
which statement about american support for World War 2 in true?
the support for the war unified Americans across regional, national, and class divisions.
The Manhattan Project was code name for:
project to develop the atomic bomb
all of the following statements about women workers on the homefront are true except:
the percentage of women working in manufacturing jobs did not increase
the popular film The Best Years Of Our Lives relected american's:
desire to stabilize and prosper during the years after the war
Harry Trumans successful campaign of 1948 featured all of the following except:
sophisticated use of television in televised debates
the period 1946-1950 began a 40-year era of;
rivalry with communism and the Soviet Union
the main purpose of the Truman Doctrine was to:
contain communism by not letting is spread to other nations
The U.S. & other western nations responded to the Berlin blockade by:
airlifting supplies into the isolated city
which statement about the role of possible atomic war in the 1950s is NOT true?
The U.S.-USSR rivalry did not threaten the safety of western europe
a key to Dwight Eisenhower's political success was his:
positive image with both liberals and conservatives
the Eisenhower administration used "new deal-style" government spending in modernizing:
the national highway system
during the Eisenhower administration, official American policy for a soviet attack on western Europe called for:
massive nuclear retaliation against USSR
effects of the soviet's launching of Sputnik included all of the following except:
many americans believed the sputniks inferior quality revealed American superiority
john kennedy's new frontier focused on:
creating a new era of scientific and social progress
in the incident at the Bay of Pigs, the United States:
failed to overthrow Fidel Castro with a C.I.A.-backed invasion
the cuban missle crisis began when:
the U.S. discovered the USSR had nuclear weapons in Cuba
Kennedy's main stragtegy in dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis was:
imposing a naval blockade around Cuba
In Brown vs. Board of Education, the surpreme court ruled that:
segregation of public schools should be determined by state governments
in little rock in 1957:
federal troops ensured the safety of black students from angry white mobs
the freedom riders:
challenged segregation of interstae bus terminals
effects of the veitnam war:
erosion of the nations confidence in tits government
millions of young people in the 2nd half of the 1960s expressed:
the phrase "black power" was connected to all of the following except:
the emphasis of Christian love in civil-rights strategies
all of the following statements about the Black Panthers are true except:
they focused entirely on national rather than local goals
All of the following statements are true about the American Indian Movement except:
organization refused to ally itself with other indian groups
the impact of the Tet Offensive was Not magnified by
the permanent loss of Saigon
which 2 men were assassinated within months of each other in 1968?
Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr
In its first term, the Reagan administration did all the following except:
increase federal funds
The Economic recovery and Tax Act of 1981 did all the following things except:
provide more funds for social welfare programs
one effect of deregulation:
the destruction and bail-out of the savings and loan industry
Which statement about the American poor is true?
homelessness was less visible in the 1980s affected only a handful of Americans
evidence of a renewed Cold War in the 1980s included all of the following except:
the American public's belief that the Government had been infiltrated by Communists
which statement about the Iran-Contra is NOT true?
Pres Reagan and Pres Bush were unaware of any wrong doing
in what year did communism collapse in east Europe?
This event ended a decade of prosperity at home and complacency about the place of the US in the world
which of the following was not a promise Bill Clinton made in his campaign? (1992)
return to "family values"
centrist solutions were preferred by most americans
what happened to unemployment between 1992 & 2000?
it dropped from 7.2% to 4%
1st woman named to supreme court:
Sandra Day O'conner
who decided the election of 2000?
the supreme court
George Bush's tax cuts:
caused huge federal budget deficits
in the aftermath of 9/11, the U.S. ousted the Taliban regime in: