20 terms

Chapter 6 Quiz

A(n) ____ is a single point in an
electronic image.
A(n) ____ is a chip that controls the
manipulation and display of graphics on a display device.
A(n) ____ monitor is a display that uses gas plasma technology, which
sandwiches a layer of gas between two glass plates.
With ____, the broadcast signals are digitized when they are sent via over-the-air broadcasts from local television networks, satellite, or cable.
A hard copy also is called a(n) ____.
Bluetooth printing is more convenient than infrared printing because Bluetooth devices ____ an approximate 30-foot range.
do not have to be aligned but must be within
Professionals in the desktop publishing and graphic art fields commonly use ____ because it is designed for complex documents with intense graphics and colors.
The disadvantage of a multifunction
peripheral is that ____.
if the device breaks down, the user lose all four functions
Mobile printers mainly use any of the following technologies EXCEPT ____ technology.
laser; mobile printers mainly use: ink-jet, thermal, thermal wax-transfer, or dye-sublimation technology.
____ use a row of charged wires to draw an electrostatic pattern on specially coated paper and then fuse toner to the pattern.
A(n) ____ printer is a high-speed impact printer that prints an entire line at a time.
The speed of a dot-matrix printer is
measured by the number of ____ it can print.
characters per second (cps)
Voice ____ occurs when a person's voice is heard or when the computer talks through speakers on the computer.
Some input devices include ____ output that provides the user with a physical response from the device.
Which of the following is likely to use a 30-inch monitor?
power user
In Windows, instead of using a monitor, blind users can work with voice output via Windows ____.
A(n) ____, such as that shown in the accompanying figure, is a high-speed, high-quality nonimpact printer.
laser printer
A printer, such as that shown in the
accompanying figure, creates images using a laser beam and powdered ink, called ____.
As shown in the accompanying figure, most surround sound speaker systems include one or two center speakers and two or more ____ speakers so that
sound emits from all directions.
To boost the low bass sounds, some users add a(n) ____, such as that shown in the accompanying figure.