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1. i do not endorse the opinions or material of who i talk about
2. IN all comedy-buy into characters- relate to, habitual watching
3. stand-up go and see it. edinburgh
4. you are therefore relieved of any obligation to laugh
1950s 1.
Ealing Comedies The Ladykillers
1950s 2.
stage and radio
The Goons- shouting insanity at
Bridge over the river kwai see satire notes
1950s 3.Max Miller
Miller censored but by using innuendo,leaving out the last word or words of a joke, he could get away with much risqué and saucy material. However, he never swore or told a 'dirty joke'.
1950s 4 Morecambe and wise
1941 started then 1946 started in variety transferred from radio to tv 1954 "Definition of the week: TV set—the box in which they buried Morecambe and Wise." A typical show- sketch show / sitcom/themselves on a mock stage in front of curtains M and W logo Songs. guest stars (newsreader angela ripon 77) Arguing men had writers
also les dawson in this mould
Frankie Howard
Played with rules. wrong footed audience. Shambled. Played with the script. Oh er missus Variety after war. 60s satire. ooo misses
1960s 1. The satire boom
Beyond the Fringe (stage)- poking fun at PM
poking fun at patrician incompetence tenderly
Jonathan miller and Alan Bennet shakespeare spoof, physical comedy establishment club private eye
1960s 2 The Satire Boom two
TW3: weeks events, black and white, spoofs, reportage. Helped portray MacMillan as old hat. David Frost (Peter Cook regret) tw3 sketch
1960s 3. Not only but also
Sketch show Peter Cook dudley moore rambling surreal monologues. cook tried to make moore laugh
1960s 4. Monty Python
BBC do what you want. not liked
Spike milligan Q5 sketch
Poke fun at parents generation, surreal , inconsistent. Vinyl Heath Dirty Fork sketch
1970s 1. Two Ronnies
but the pair's big break came when they filled in for a few minutes during a technical hitch at an awards ceremony in 1970. The show was produced annually between 1971 and 1987.
1970s 2. Folk singers
Jasper Carrot UK Top 5 chart hit in August 1975 with the novelty record "Funky Moped", written by Chris Rohmann and produced by Jeff Lynne.

By the late 1970s, Carrott had developed anecdotal sketches purport to be autobiographical; many celebrate the Birmingham accent and culture

Billy Connelly boilermaker In 1971, the Humblebums broke up, with Rafferty. solo live performances featured humorous introductions that became increasingly long in duration. The head of Transatlantic Records, Nat Joseph, give up. observational comedy is idiosyncratic and often off-the-cuff. christmas tree improv
1970s 3. Racism
Tim Death do us part
Mind your language
The comedians
Love Thy Neighbour
The comedy frequently took the form of anecdotes or jokes and often involved racist or sexist stereotypes. Like other British comedy successes of the day, notably, Love Thy Neighbour, this kind of entertainment was acceptable on British television during this period but would not be so today. Viewing the series in retrospect it stands as a major social document of the times.
I don't believe Scots are as tight as people say, but I did hear that when two taxis collided in Glasgow recently 48 people were injured.

"Bernard's timing was absolutely fantastic, but his comedy, well, it was dated. You have to move on."
1970s 4: Sitcoms
Hancock's Half Hour from BBC radio in 1956. Hancock biographer John Fisher dates the first use of the term 'situation comedy' in British broadcasting to a BBC memo dated 31 March 1953 written by producer Peter Eton, suggesting the format as the ideal vehicle for Hancock's comedic style."Hancock's persona of the pompous loser out of his depth in an uncomprehending society still informs many programmes today",

Fawlty Towers
Class, appearances, slapstick, offence
middle class repressed rage, communication, class. 12 episodes. manuel.
1970s 5 sitcoms cont
the fall and rise of reginald perrinmiddle-aged middle manager, Reginald "Reggie" Perrin, bizarre behaviour by the pointlessness of his job at Sunshine Desserts. subversion of bland middle-class suburban family
looks like bland sitcom but based on novels
1970s 6. Not the Nine O'clock News
More realistic lloyd telephone box two sonnies
satire but media generally
1980s Sitcom
The Young Ones before 1715
blackadder after intro
Red dwarf
Yes Minister
Allo Allo (war theme Dads army the goons fawlty towers/foreigners see fatly towers)
1980s Alternative comedy
Rik Mayall Aid edmunson
Alexi Sayle
French and Saunders
Lenny Henry
Ben Elton
performance art The Iceman andrew bailey
reaction against 1970s racism and thatchers cuts theatre too expensive. Stand up economical
anti-racist, anti-sexist, do your own material
1980s satire
vegetables spitting image cutting
1990s 1. Chris Morris Armando amici Steve coogan
Satire of the media and the personalities. On the hour. Out of context politicians. Enthusiasm. The day today business and traffic. Chris mirrors: contentious issues, media representation. ianucci: mainstream but also dark.
(episode 6 1159)Car parking. Alan partridge: becomes chat show host. In that format. Sitcom by Cogan ianucci. Farmers scene
1990s 2. Comedy is the new rock and roll/lad culture
Stadium comedy Newman and baddie, fantasy football, absolutely fabulous.python bankrolled by Beatles/zep Floyd/ Lennon liked cook/ pet shop boys wrote a song for ab fab/ three lions/ New order Keith Allen/ Vic and Bob sang on top of the pops. Reaction against 1980s earnestness.
1990s 3. Lad culture
Baddies and Skinner graphic. Derek and Clive inspired.
1980s Victoria wood
1990s 4. Return of catchphrase comedy
The fast show, the league of gentlemen, little Britain in the next decade. Some of it seems really traditional now.
1990s /2000s big train sitcom
Cute sketches and dark stuff. Jam is quite simply unacceptable.
2000s 1. Celebrity culture
Bo selecta
2000s 2. Meta
Garth Merenghi, mighty booth, Stewart Lee
Gm: the idea of horror novelist writing a medical drama in 1980s. Rediscovered in 2005
2000s 3 realistic awkward comedy
Peep show (originally an idea two guys watching telly and commenting) clip....
the office (films a pilot because doesn't make sense sending a script in, the silly dance).
2000s panel shows
Mock the week 8/10 cats
Stand up comedy boom
2000s Stewart Lee-
Explains stand up
Passive aggressive
Sabotages his own routines wants to be failure
Writes great articles on website. Billy Connelly German humour
Writes about everything people don't mind
political correctness
shock humour- big part brit culture
father ted
Brief context music halls
music hall- circa 1850 and lasting until 1960. after war displaced by jazz swing. liscening laws.
-popular songs, comedy, speciality acts, and variety entertainment
Brief context 2 WOrking mens clubs
"Nowadays, a good working club-type comedian would be lucky to have one or two bookings week. They used to do five or six nights. Plus lunchtimes."
The survivors, like Frank Carson, 80, and Stan Boardman, 66, moved on, to "corporates", sports dinners, and cruise ships - with contracts forbidding Irish jokes and the use of non-PC words.