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Which family pattern is least open to outside influence?
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A child who is able to use a systematic, scientific problem-solving approach is in which of the Piaget stages of cognitive development?Formal Operational ThoughtA child who has just begun to demonstrate the ability to understand and apply logical operations to help interpret specific experiences or perceptions is in which of the Piaget stages of cognitive thinking?Concrete Operational ThoughtWhat is the third leading cause of accidental death in children 1 to 4 years of age?BurnsTo prevent accidental poisoning of a child, where should medications be placed in the home?In a locked cupboardA nurse is talking with the mother of an 8 year old child who expresses concern that her child is more focused on friends than anything else. What would be the appropriate response?"At this age, the child is developing his own personality"A child who just begun to demonstrate object permanence is in which of the Piaget stages of cognitive development?SensorimotorA child who has just begun to demonstrate egocentric thinking is in which of the Piaget stages of cognitive development?Preoperational ThoughtA child who uses senses and motor abilities to understand the world is displaying characteristics consistent with which stage of Piaget cognitive development?Sensiormotor stage and Cognitive developmentThe school nurse recognizes that lack of physical activity increased consumption of fast food by children are causative factors contributing to which of the following problems?Weight gainA 5 year old who has an imaginary friend with whom he converses frequently is displaying characteristics consistent in which of Piaget's stages of cognitive development?Preoperational StageWhich of the following interventions is most appropriate for a hospitalized 16 year old?Allow the child to participate in activities with other individuals in the same age groupThe community heath nurse is developing a program on obesity in children and adolescents. What does the nurse list as the most common factor contributing to overweight children?Decreased physical activityAccording to Piaget, during the adolescent stage of growth of development, an individuals cognitive function reaches maturity. What stage is this considered?Formal Operational thought stageWhat is an appropriate nurse diagnosis for the adolescent who is experimenting with tobacco?Ineffective heath maintenance related to smoking tobaccoWhat age group is experiencing the largest increase in drug use?12-13 year old'sThe nurse stresses that regular physical activity has been identified as a leading health indicator. Regular physical activity has which positive effect?Increases bone and muscle strengthWhat is the single most preventable cause of death and disease in the United States today?Cigarette smokingA 12 year old tearfully informs the school nurse that she does not "fit in". What is the most appropriate intervention?Be aware that these feelings are common in adolescents and place the girl at risk for substance abuse, depression, and eating disordersA 14 year old male patient has undergone a leg amputation. What should be the primary focus of the patients care plan?Body ImageWhich factor is mostly associated with problem such as domestic violence, sexually transmitted infections (STI's), school failure, and motor vehicle accidents?Substance abuseWhat is true about height and weight in middle aged adult?There is a slight decrease in heightA 53 year old women complains of night sweats and mood swings. The nurse recognizes that these symptoms most likely related to which condition?MenopauseWhich of the following can help promote heath and prevent health problems in the early adulthood period?Regular dental exams with teeth cleaning every six monthsWhat are women at the highest risk for becuase of the gradual changes that occur during middle adulthood (Ages 40-65)?OsteoporosisWhich of the following is true about middle adulthood?There is a slow and gradual decline in performanceWhat is the leading cause of death in middle adults?Health problemsA 58 year old male is concerned about some hearing loss he is experiencing. The nurse recognizes that this might be due to a sensory change of his age group known as which of the following?PresbycusisThe nurse is performing a routine physical assessment on a 25 year old understands that the patient is most likely experiences which of the following?Optimal level of functioningWhat is the leading cause of death in young adults?AccidentsErikson identifies intimacy as a developmental task of adulthood. What will occur if intimacy is not established?IsolationWhich theory of aging suggests that previously developed coping abilities and the ability to maintain previous roles and critical to adjustment to old age?Continuity TheoryWhen discussing aging, to whom does the term older adult apply?Age 65 and aboveWhat is the correct term for prejudice against older adults?AgeismThe nurse reminds an older adult patient that the task for the older adult is to achieve ego integrity. Failure to achieve that results in which of the following?DespairWhich theory of aging suggests that the body becomes less able to tolerate the "self"?Autoimmunity TheoryWhat is known as the last stage in the life cycle?SenescenceWhen communicating with an older adult patient, the nurse becomes aware of the fact that the patient is well satisfied with his accomplishments over a lifetime and has no regrets concerning aging. Which of Erikson's developmental stages has the patient achieved?Ego integrityThe older patient informs the nurse that food has no taste and therefore the patient has no appetite. What is this most likely caused by?Loss of taste budsWhich theory of aging suggests that the older person who is more socially active is more likely to adjust well to aging?Active theoryWhich theory of aging suggests that there should be a natural withdrawal between the individual and society?Disengagement TheoryWhat is the average apical heart rate for a 2 month old infant?120 bpmWhen a mother asks the nurse about introducing solid foods into the child's diet, which of the following would be the best answer?"Introduce one solid food at a time several days apart"A major dental problem among very young children is bottle mouth caries. What is a preventative measure the nurse should suggest?Water at bedtimeA babys muscular development progresses in what type of pattern?CephalocaudalAccording to Erikson, an infant who was abanded by his or her mrimary caregiver is at risk for developing which of the following?MistrustA newborn baby weighs 7 lbs at birth. What does the nurse anticipate the baby's weight will be at 1 year of age?21 lbsWhich of the following measures would be included in a teaching plan to instruct new parents on reducing the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome?Keep an infant's room well ventilatedThe nurse recognizes that during the first 5 months of life, an infant is expected to gain approximately how many pounds per month?1.5 lbsA nurse assessing a 4 month old infant would expect the infant to do which of the following?Hold head at 90 degree angle while proneThe mother of a 5 month old child is concerned because the child canot sit by himself. The nurse explains that sitting alone is not expected until the baby reaches what age?7 months