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Wortfeld: Bullying


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Nacktfotos verschicken
Issues such as cyber bullying, sexting and online safety have become increasingly common.
Troll, jemand der im Netz provoziert
He always speaks up against online bullying and social media trolls.
Cyber bullying victims are likely to keep quiet and do nothing instead of alerting their parents.
The number of recorded online and cyber bullying incidents has dropped in this country.
Vorbeugung, Verhinderung
We have materials about youth suicide and cyber bullying prevention.
jemand der andere mobbt
She said he was a bully, nasty, and rude.
There isn't a typical bullying victim, but workplace culture is a key factor.
einschüchtern, beängstigen
There are people out there who may wish to abuse, exploit, intimidate or bully you online.
Thousands of young Americans must defend themselves against schoolyard bullies.
The fifth grader is constantly bullied at school and on the playground.
But kids weren't so kind, and I was bullied mercilessly.
In some countries, continued harassment is a criminal offense.
Some people feel the need to humiliate and embarrass others.
Many bullying victims victims are targeted based on prejudice and stereotypes.
The police investigate a video of students shouting racial slur.
Police officers are specifically trained to curb attacks targeting the Muslim minority.
jemanden diskriminieren
The government argued that the measure was not meant to discriminate against immigrants.
The Council expressed its deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims.
Let's hope the public will treat disabled people with more patience, tolerance and kindness.
Vielfalt, Unterschiedlichkeit
The media should publish stories with more racial diversity in the future.
Grenzen setzen
The psychologist advised the bullying victim to set boundaries and encourage responsible behavior.
Schimpfnamen geben
Protect your feelings from name-calling and hurtful behavior.
Selbstmord begehen
A student who is bullied has twice the likelihood of committing suicide than someone who isn't bullied.
Police have launched an investigation into an online predator posing as a teenage girl.
Lady Gaga told reporters her goal was to inspire bravery, increase tolerance of others and stamp out bullying.
Informationen verbreiten
The most common complaint from online teens was about private information being shared.
Wild rumors were circulating among the students.
Victims of racial harassment very often are poor women.
verbreiten, herumschicken
Her ex-boyfriend circulated nude pictures of her to a large number of friends.
A child may benefit from psychological counseling.