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Anatomy #17Blood Vessels

S or Radial, X or Ulnar
Deep veins,draining the forearm
T or Renal
Vein that drains the kidney
Q or Internal jugular
Vein that drains the dural sinuses of the brain
D or Brachiocephalic
Two veins that join to become the superior vena cava
A or Anterior tibial, R or Posterior tibial
Veins that drain the leg and foot
M or Hepatic portal
Large vein that carries nutrient-rich blood from the digestive organs to the liver for processing
J or Gonadal
Vein that drains the ovaries or testes
O or Inferior vena cava
Largest vein below the thorax
L or Hepatic
Vein that drains the liver
K or Greater saphenous
Longest superficial vein of the body; found in the leg
H or Femoral
Deep vein of the thigh