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the 18th amendment

the volstead act was passed to enforce..

19th amendment

the _____ gave full voting rights to women

academic freedom and science

the scopes trial pitted religious beliefs against..

accept bribes to allow oil companies to drill on federally owned land

the teapot dome scandal concerned secretary of the interior Albert fall's willingness to..


the term "dogfights" was used to describe clashes of allied "aces" with german..

the alliances of european countries creating a balance of power

some european leaders believed that war could be prevented by..

alphabet soup

the proliferation of government acts and agencies during FDR's administration was derisively referred to by new deal critics as..

al "scarface" capone

this Chicago bootlegger and ganster became a national symbol of organized crime's emergence during the 1920s..

Amelia Earhart

in a decade full of firsts, the first woman to fly across the atlantic was..

americans sympathized with the cubans

the was americans view the cuban revolt against spain..

an appeal by roosevelt and churchill to the italian people

what event caused the italians to overthrow mussolini?

the atlantic ocean and the pacific ocean

president theodore roosevlet wanted to build the panama canal to shorten travel time between

the austro-hungarian empire pushed into the region, annexing provinces

what caused the struggle for power in the balkans that erupted in 1914..

"back to Africa"

a key slogan that served as a rallying cry for members of marcus garcey's universal negro improvement..

blended several different musical forms from the deep south

a wholly original form of american music, jazz..

buying on margin

if stock prices dropped, brokers could force investors to repay their loans if the investors were..

by blaming jews for economic woes and appealing to injured german pride

how did adolf hitler build support for nazi anti-semitism?

a cavalry regiment organized by teddy roosevelt

who were the rough riders?

chateau thierry, belleau wood, argonne forest

world war I battles in which u.s troops took part

coaling station and naval base

in the late 1800s, american expansions were interested in hawaii as a potential..

collapse of the stock market

"black tuesday" referred to the..

a collection of intellectuals who served as unofficial advisors

what was franklin roosevelt's "brain trust"?


the u.s. supported panamanian revolutionaries in the 1903 in their fight for independence from..


the thriving postwar economy especially benefited..

cripple allied power shipping lines

the goal of german unrestricted submarine warfare was to..

cut back on the size of their navies

at the washington naval conference, the major naval powers agreed to..

dividends, capital goods

two ways in which a stockholder may profit from his ownership of stock..

the dust bowl

what did the great plains drought of the 1930s help to create?

the economic good times that prevailed during his presidency

president calvin Coolidge's popularity was mostly due to..

eighteenth amendment

speakeasies allowed citizens to get around the consequences of failing to comply with the..

end discrimination against and mistreatment of african americans throughout the u.s.

the main goal of the NAACP was to

equipped his factory with an assembly line

by 1914 henery ford was building cars that average americans could affford because of he..

erwin rommel

german forces in north africa were led by..

european nations responded with tariffs of their own

why did the smoot-hawley tariff act backfire?

eurpoean spheres of influence

u.s. secretary of state john hay proposed the open door policy in china in opposition to..

everyone should share equally in a society's wealth

as someone who worked to established communism in the soviet union, lenin believed in the principle that..


the most controversial of darwin's ideas is known as..

explained how deficit spending could stimulate the economy

president roosevelt embraced the theories of john maynard keynes because keynes..

federal deposit insurance corporation

the _____ helped restore public confidence in the safety of the nation's banks

the filipino rebel army and the u.s. fleet

spanish forces in the philippines were overcome by..


state that saw sharp increases in the price of land in the 1920s due to an increasing number of people traveling for pleasure..

france, great britian, and russia

the members of the triple entente were..


beliefs based on a literal interpretation of the bible are called..

general weyler's mistreatment of civilians

americans who read about the revolt in cuba were shocked by..

german, austria-hungry and the ottoman empire

nation comprised of the central powers

germany to wage a two-front war against france and russia at the same time

the schlieffen plan provided a precise list of instructions for..

glass and steel

Spin-off industries resulted form the production of millions of cars included an increase demand for..

glass-stegall act

FDIC insurance was created by which important piece of banking legislation?

gross national product

the total value of all goods and services produced in a nation is called the..


the unofficial capital of african american culture and activism in the u.s. in the 1920s was..

he coordinated construction of the canal, and housing and other facilities for workers

how did john f. stevens earn the title "genius of the panama canal"?

he did not fully grasp or care about how desperate the american people were

during the great depression, president hoover came under attack because many americans believed that..

henry cabot lodge

the leader of republican opposition to the treaty of versailles..

he organized the u.s. marine assault on the islands

how the u.s. minister to hawaii, john l stevens, play in the creation of the republic of hawaii..

he urged countries to quarantine aggressive nations

in the 1930s how did president roosevelt respond to isolationist pressures in the face of fascist aggression?

he wanted his workers to be able to afford the automobiles he was making in his factory

ford raised his factory workers' wages because..

he wanted to stop the run on banks that threatened even the healthiest financial institutions

why did president roosevelt declare a "bank holiday" on his second day of office?

his attempt to pack the supreme court with judges friendly to his policies

in 1937, what misstep caused president roosevelt to lose the support of some within his own party and that of many in the general public?

his paper printed sensationalist stories that were sympathetic to the cuban cause

how did william randolp herst use his newspaper to support the cubans against the spanish?


people who hopped trains to look for work were known as..


the nazi's campaign against the jews in world war II was called the..


loose-knit communities of rustic shacks and tents were called..

if the stock price dropped, brokers could force investors to repay their loans

why was buying on margin riskier than other ways of investing in the stock market?

increased difficulty for european allies in repaying their war debt

an unintended consequence of the Fordney-mcCumber tariff was..

inflation caused many germans to lose their life savings

resulted directly from the heavy reparations germany was forced to pay after world war I..


soliders returning from world war I brought this disease back to the u.s., causing an epidemic that swept the country in 1918..

installment buying

in order to afford the new items american industry was producing in the 1920s, it became more respectable than previously to depend on..

investors raced to sell their stock holding

at the start of the great depression, black tuesday occurred when..

it could pull the u.s. into future european conflicts

a main reason many republican senators objected to the plan for the league of nations was that..

it ensured the u.s. would have access to the chinese markets

why was the open door policy important to the u.s.

it ignores the opportunity costs of high taxation and assumes the government is as efficient at allocating capital as the private sector

what are the frequently ignored flaws in keynes' economic theory?

it led to the establishment of the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay

a reason why the platt agreement was significant..

japanese americans

_______ was forced to leave their homes and move to camps away from the american coasts?

japan's expansion threatened americans economic interests

why was the u.s. unwilling to let japan into southeast asia?

joseph stalin

totalitarian dictator that was a communist..


a pilot who loaded his aircraft with bombs and deliberately crashed it into an emery ship was called a..

lacked critical natural resources like coal, iron, runner and oil

unlike other modern industrial powers at the time, japan..

langston hughes

harlem renaissance poet _____ delt with issues if african american cultural heritage

limiting government and supporting business

the direct goal of most of president calvin Coolidge's policies was..

the lusitania

the sinking of this passenger liner ultimately caused the germans to sign the sussex agreement..

manhattan project

the top-secret program to build an atomic bomb was called the..

the marne

after 5 days of fighting and 250,000 lives lost, france stopped the advance of the german army just of paris at the first battle of..

military power should be available for retaliation if necessary

the expression "speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far" implied that..

movies provided an escape from the constant economic troubles of the nation

what reason best explains why nearly 80 million americans spent money to go to the movies each week during the 1930s?

the new deal offered a more active and extensive role of government

what was the effect of the new deal?

pancho villa

this mexican leader led the first armed invasion of the continental u.s. since the war of 1812..

a person's racial background

the removal of people to internment camps in america in world war II were bases solely on..

the philippines

when the spanish-american war broke out, commodore george dewey's fleet rushed to

the philippines, guam, and puerto rico

territories that were acquired by the u.s. as a result of the spanish american war..

political beliefs and ethnicity

sacco and vanzetti were on trial not only for robbery and murder, but also for their..

promotes international security and peace among nations

a major goal of woodrow wilson's league of nations was to..

protect themselves by passing high tariffs

in the aftermath of the crash, industrialized nations around the world took measures to..

radio broke down barriers that had once separated country people from city dwellers

one way in which radio helped create a large common culture in america..

raw material

by the late 1800s, industrialized western nations such as great britain, france, and germany looked to africa, asia, and latin america for new customers, places to invest, and..

"reds" and other radicals

during world war I, americans hated the germans. after the war, the new enemies were..

reduce taxes on the wealthiest americans

in order to achieve their pro-business goals, presidents harding and coolidge sought to..

regain faith in the stock markets

the securities an exchange commission helped the public..

relief, recovery, and reforms

what were the 3 main goals of the new deal?

renounce war as a solution to international disputes

over 60 nations eventually signed the kellogg-brand pact, which called on governments to..


payments designed to make up for war damage are known as..

resulted in the palmer raids

widespread fear of communism..

a rise in organized crime

prohibition led to..

roosevelt asked congress for declaration of war

happened as a result to the japanese attack on pearl harbor..

the rural poor

photographer dorothea lange's most famous subjects in the 1930s were..


this nation saw itself as the protector of the slavs and opposed the auto-hungarian rulers in the balkans..

russia and japan

president theodore roosevelt received the nobel peace prize for helping to negotiate a peace treaty between..

sending notes to european nations and japan that recommended all nations have equal trading rights in china

the u.s. gained trading rights in china by..

ship convoys

the allied powers ultimately counteracted the german u-baot threat by using..

stock market

in 1937 the nation experienced another sudden and alarming drop in the..

the supreme court

in 1935 which body struck significant blows to the new deal's attempts to bring change to the economy?


________ was not an electrical appliance eagerly bought by americans during the 1920s

the theory contradicted the literal account of man's creation in Genesis

why christian fundamentalist oppose darwin's theory of evolution..

"the waste land"

T.S. elliot wrote which twentieth century's great poem..

they remembered the horrors of world war I

why were many americans committed to isolationism in the 1930s?

they were funded by the WPA

what do the celebrated artists jackson pollock, eudora welty, and ralph ellison have in common?

to increase the public's confidence

what was the one basic purpose shared by the emergency banking act, the glass-steagal act, and president roosevelt's fireside chats?

to make it easier and cheaper to buy on margin

in the months leading up to the crash what was the main goal of the federal reserve's policies with regard to buying on margin?

to murder all jews in europe and the soviet union

what was the ultimate goal of the nazi's final solution?

to raise demand and drive up prices

during the hundred days, why was a program approved to pay farmers not to grow crops?

to rebuild europe and japan

after world war II, the u.s. worked..

traveling in large convoys that included armed ships

after heavy early losses from u-boat attacks, the allies used this strategy to protect their ships..


the huge public works project sought to fully economically develop a large rural river valley..

unemployment insurance

besides establishing a guaranteed government pension to retired workers over 65 the SSA also provided..

the united nations

organization was created at the end of world war II to work to prevent future wars..

the use of poisonous gas

the traditional officers consider this method of warfare to be unfair and barbaric..

u.s purchase of alaska

seward's folly refers to the..

the u.s wanted to protect it interest in latin america

why the u.s. renewed its commitment to support the monroe doctrine with military force after the spanish-american war

vast criminal empires

distribution of illegal liquor became the foundation of..

warren g harding

coined the term normalcy

were more interested in their own pleasure than in women's causes

women in many parts of the u.s. disliked flappers because flappers..

william jennings bryan

the prosecuting attorney in the scopes trial was..

william randolf hearst

citizen kane portrays the life of this famous figure in american journalism..

willingness of japanese soldiers to fight to the death

for americans, one of the most feared aspects of the war in the pacific was the..

the yalta conference

divided germany into four sections..

yellow fever from havana

u.s. army doctors walter reed and william c gorgas based their effort on work done by carlos juan finley of cuba to virtually eliminate..

the zimmerman telegram

the intercepted telegram that helped precipitate the entry of the u.s. into world war I was the..

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