9th grade honors English exam review

contrasts what is real and what only seems to be real
dramatic irony
occurs when the reader knows something important that a character does not know
verbal irony
when what is said is opposite of what is meant
situational irony
when what happens is the opposite of what is expected to happen
helps create suspense keeping readers wondering about what will happen next
the message about life that the story conveys
conversation between characters
can include the social, economic or circumstances that affect the characters
element that causes fear dread or anxiety in the reader
the struggle between two or more opposing forces
internal conflict
struggle within the mind of one character
external conflict
struggle between two characters, between an individual and a group or between a force such as nature or fate
the sequence of events or actions in a story
writing that tells a story
the reason that characters do something
sudden insight
there are imaginary characters and events
the writers process of revealing a characters traits to a reader
character development
process of showing how a character changes or of revealing different sides of a characters personality
main character
adversary of the main character
static character
remains the same throughout the course of the story
dynamic character
changes significantly through the course of the story
round character
shows many different traits, faults as well as virtues
flat character
one sises shows only one trait, usually a stereotype
In Harrison Bergeron what are the different reasons people are handicapped
intellect talent beauty
why was harrison taken away
athletic and smart
In the Lottery what was the lottery used for
to assure good crops
what three things does the story criticize
superstition tradition and ceremonies
in the censors what does juan do at the beginning of the story that gets him in trouble
writes a letter
what are the three themes of the story
freedom power ambition
the monkeys paw What literary devices are shown in these passages:
a. "I don't know what the first two [wishes] were, but the third was for death."
"...how could two hundred pounds hurt you, father?
foreshadowing and then irony
What is the first cats name in "The Black Cat"
why does the man kill the first cat
the cat bit him
What is an unreliable narrator What line(s) show that the narrator is unreliable?
a narrator you cant trust and mad i am not
in the apple tree What makes the apple tree seem valuable to the father
his friend tells him its rare
what are three themes of this story
allusion vs reality
unrealistic expectations
ignorance making one blind to reality
In "Contents of the Dead Man's Pockets" What does the yellow paper symbolize at the beginning of the story?
toms work and ambition
what are some lines to show internal conflict
when he looks down from balcony
In "The Masque of the Red Death"
How is the Prince's name ironic?
he ends up not being prosperous
What three things might the seven rooms suggest
sunrise to sunset seven ages of man seven deadly sins
what does the abbey symbolize
man striving to avoid death
In "The Most Dangerous Game" What are examples of foreshadowing?
who cares what a jaguar feels
What are examples of irony
who cares what a jaguar feels
"The Necklace" How does Madame Loisel react when her husband secures an invitation to a fancy party?
furious and ungrateful
How does madame loisel spend the evening at the party
in a whirl of dancing and admiration
In "Leiningen Versus the Ants" What is Leiningen's main flaw?
overconfidence in his own intelligence
What symbolizes the potential victory of the ants
the pampas stag
What are three ancient elements used to fight the stags
water fire earth
What happened before the play opened in antigone
the curse of edipus
Who is the antagonist
What is the main struggle between the antagonist and the protagonist
antigones obedience to higher law against creons desire for order
what is the main conflict
conflict between law of man and law of gods
Why does creon decree that Polyneicces go unburied
he does not want to honor a traitor
What is Creons primary characteristic
what is the main theme
only crime is pride
with whom does Haimon believe the authority rests
why might antigone be considered a tragic figure
her refusal to give in to Creon results in her downfall
Why might Creon be considered a tragic figure
lost everything that was dear to him suffers greatly because of a flaw in his character
What factors makes creon a tragic figure
refusal to listen to haimons argument grief over deaths of haimon and eurydice
belated decision to release antigone
Does the choragus agree with creons final statement
no because he believed his pride caused his ruin
What are the functions of the chorus?
1. recall/interpret past events 2. foretell the future 3. comment on actions
What are the three plays in the Oedipus Cycle
Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone
Is Antigone the first middle or last play?
What is the requirement for a tragic hero or heroine
The odds are unconquerable; Tragedy requires that the hero or heroine make choices that lead to a situation where there is no escape.
How is the story of Oedipus literature's greatest example of dramatic irony?
He is searching for the murderer of Thebes, and he is the murderer.
Where did the Greeks build their theaters
on hillsides
What are characteristics of Greek theater
no scenery only boy actors
How are Oedipus and Antigone alike
They are both strong willed and stubborn
What is hubris
excessive pride
What is Catharsis
emotional release
In A Tale of Two cities book 1 what is the first line of the novel
it was the worst of times it was the best of times
What do the woodmen and the farmer represent
fate and death
What is Jarvis Lorry about to do metaphorically in chapter 2
dig someone out of a grave
What is the code phrase Mr. Lorry uses to refer to the rescue of Dr. Manette?
recalled to life
What are blank forms of consignment
the result of a trial in which the defendant was found guilty
In what district of paris is the defarges wine shop
st antoine
what is Jacques
What does Gaspard write on the wall
What is a reminder of dr manettes time in prison
cobblers tools
How does Madame Defarge spend her days
what is madame defarge described as looking at
Which French king lived lavishly and did not institute needed economic reforms?
Louis XIV (14th)
What does Bastille day commemorate
beginning of the french revolution
What is the date of this event
July 14, 1789
What was the slogan of the French Revolution?
liberty fraternity equality
What was the purpose of the French Revolution
squelch all opposition
In Book 2 what does Jerry Cruncher resent about his wife
her praying
Why is Charles Darney on trial in England
If convicted what would be his puishment
drawing and quarting
Who is the chief witness against Darney
john barsad
Who makes the observation that breaks the case against Darney
sydney carton
What are characteristics of Sydney Carton
intelligent lazy a heavy drinker
What are two reasons Carton and Darnay are doubles?
looks and both love Lucie
What was found in the Tower of London
the word dig carved on the wall and a burnt letter
What are three ways the french revolution was foreshadowed
footsteps echoes storm
What is the Marquis Evremonde's attitude after his carriage runs over a child?
Who is the childs father
Who reports seeing a man clinging to the bottom of the Marquis' carriage?
an unnamed mender of roads
Where does madame defarge register those who are slated to kill
in her knitting
Why does Darney go to Paris
to help Gabelle
What promise does Sydney make to Lucie
he will make any sacrifice for her or someone she loves
what does charles tell dr manette right before charles and lucies wedding
his real name
What does one stone face to many mean
the marquis has been killed
why does charles go to his uncles house
to renounce his title property and country
In what terms does mr stryver refer to marriage
In book 3 what showed the importance of he guillotine
people replaced it with the cross
who denounces charles darnay
the defarges and dr. manette
which three characters illustrate the theme of resurrection
dr manette carton and darney
Which two characters illustrate the theme of love being stronger than hate?
mrs pross and madame defarge
What does the last line of the novel represent
redemption of carton
What does carton refer to his evidence against barsad as
what are sydneys last words to lucie
a life you love
why is darney arrested as he enters france
hes an immigrant
what did the wood sawyer used to be
mender of roads
What does Dr. Manette do when he finds out that Darnay is a prisoner in France?
immediately goes to Paris
what shows lucies commitment to her husband
stand outside of his prison cell everdat for two hours
Who knows that Darney isnt being executed
seamstress and barsad
what is the most important piece of evidence used against darney
dr manettes manuscript
who had dr manette imprisoned
evermonde twins
what does carton learn when he eavesdrops on the defarges
madame defarge wants lucie and little lucie killed
why does carton trade places with darney
he promised lucie he would do anything for her or for a life she loved
why does madame defarge not attend the execution
she is dead
what is cartons last statement
It is a far, far better thing that I do
than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."
Where had Defarge found the evidence that convicted Darnay?
cell in bastille
Why does Madame Defarge want Lucie and her daughter killed?
she wants all arisrocrats killed
what is the substance of the shadow
dr manettes manuscript
What and who are in cartons vision of the future
charles and lucie having a child and naming it after him revolutionaries killed lorry and dr manette living long happy lives
which three characters are recalled to life
dr manette carton and darney
what does the loadstone rock symbolize
in much ado about nothing which two characters insist they do not want to marry
beatrice and benedick
What attracts hero to claudio
looks personality money
What does Beatrice mean when she says, "I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow"?
doesnt want to hear a man say he loves her
what does don jon do to cause trouble first
tells claudio don pedro is courting hero
why does don jon cause these troubles
evil and hates claudio
What is Benedick's reaction to Beatrice's tirade against him at the masquerade ball?
hurt and angry
What does Benedick say a woman must have if he is to marry her?
rich, wise, virtuous, fair, mild, noble, of good discourse, and an excellent musician
what do don pedro and his friends do to benedick
talk up beatrice to make him fall in love with her
why is borachio arrested
for slandering don jon
what is leonatos reaction to claudio shaming hero
turns on her wishes she wasnt born
Who suspects Don John is the probable clause of Hero's "disgrace"?
which characters first believe that hero is innocent
friar and beatrice
what is the friars plans
to pretend that hero is dead to make claudio feel bad and if he doesnt she will get sent to a convict
what are three things claudio must do for penance
write epitaph for hero
marry heros cousin
declare hero is innocent
What is the circumstance of don john at the end of the play
What is a malapropism
misuse of words
who are foils to benedick and beatrice
hero and claudio
What are two meanings of the title
things that arent important and lots of eavesdropping
what is the plot based on
at what point could the play have become a tragedy
when hero was shamed in the chuch
who is the prince of aragon
don pedro
Who is the man Hero's father first hopes that she will marry?
Who states his reputation on heros innocence
Who is don pedros illegitimate brother
don john
Who is called Lady Disdain