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these are the questions 21-45 on the unit 7 test

promoting business monopolies

the progressive movement did not regard this...


Muckrakers were...

Upton Sinclair

The Jungle was written by...

Unsanitary conditions in the meat packing industry

The Jungle exposed...

Pure Food and Drug Act

the law that required truthful labels was the...

Equality among the races

the primary goal of the NAACP was...

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

his assassination led to WWI

men were required to register for military service

This was a result of the Selective Service Act

the need for cheap labor

this did NOT stimulate American imperialism...

Pancho Villa

General John J. Pershing led 15,000 troops to Mexico in attempt to capture...

supporting Panamanian independence

the US gained the right to build the Panama Canal by...

American Isolationism

This was NOT a cause of WWI

military buildup, imperialist competition, Eurpean nationalism

the causes of WWI

atomic weapons and pistols

These were NOT weapons that were new or improved during WWI

trench mortars and airplanes, machine guns and flame throwers, tanks and poison gas

These were weapons that were new or improved during WWI

Ordinary citizens

Who gained the most from the ratification of the 17th Ammendment?

USS Maine

the explosion aboard this ship in February 1898 brought the US into the Spanish-American War


This was NOT a member of the Triple Alliance

Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary

These were the members of the Triple Alliance

Arthur Zimmerman

his telegram encouraging Mexico to attack the US helped push us into the WWI

Nicholas II

He was the last of Czar of Russia

19th Ammendment

this granted women's suffrage in 1920

William Howard Taft

he was NOT a member of the Big Four

Georges Clemenceau, David Lloyd George, Vittorio Orlando

these were the members of the Big Four

Roosevelt Corollary

this stated that disorder in Latin American countries could force the US to send in its military in order to protect its economic interests

its trade interests

the Open Door Policy was designated as a way for the US to further...

Florence Kelley

this progressive championed the rights of the women and children factory workers in Illinois

Muller vs. Oregon

this established a precedent for a ten hour workday for women factory workers

Platt Ammendment

Cuba became an American protectorate in 1901 because of the...

protecting social welfare, creating economic reform, fostering efficiency in the workplace

the progressive movement regarded all of the following...

a thirst for new economic markets, a desire for military strength, a belief in cultural superiority of white Americans

this stimulated American imperialism

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