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nonvascular plant

the three groups of plants that lack specialized conducting tisues and true roots, stems, and leaves

vascular plant

a plant that has specialized tissues that conduct materials from one part of the plant to another


a woody vascular seed plant whose seeds are not enclosed by an ovary or fruit


a flowering plant that produces seeds within a fruit


a root stucture in non-vasular plants that holds the plants in place and helps plants get water and nutrients


a horizontal undergroud stem that produces new leaves, shoots, and roots


the tiny granules that contain the male gametophyte of seed plants


the transfer of pollen from the male reroductive stuctures to the female structures of seed plants


the type of tissue in vascular plants that provides support and conducts water and nutrients from the roots


the tissue that conducts food in vascular plants


in a flower, one of the outermost rings of modified leaves that protect the flower bud


one of the ring or rings of the usually bright colored leaf-shaped parts of a flower


the male repoductive structure of a flower that produces pollen and consist of an anther at the tip of a filament


the female reproductive part of a flower that produces seeds and consists of an ovary, style, and stigma


in flowering plants the lower part of a pistil that produces eggs in ovules

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