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  1. Britin,France,Russia
  2. Italy,Germany,Japan
  3. stock marcket crash
  4. Russia
  5. work for the unemployed
  1. a what signaled the beginning of the great depression?
  2. b What countrys formed the triple Entente?
  3. c Which country was a serieous mistake for the Nazie's to invade?
  4. d What were the resaltes of the new deal?
  5. e In what order where the axis powers defeted?

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  1. What war innoventions were introduced during wwI?
  2. the atomic bomb was dropped on wich cities?
  3. what two things did the US never varify after WWI
  4. the surpreme commander of wwI
  5. Which draft was more succesful WWI or the civil war?

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  1. Germany,Italy,JapanIn what order where the axis powers defeted?


  2. JapanWhat country caused the US to enter wwII?


  3. HolocaustWhat did Germany use that especialy distorbed America before they entered wwI?


  4. November 11,1918When was Armistice day?


  5. Warren HardingWho promised a "Return to normalcy" after the war?


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