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  1. the treaty of versailles & the league of nations
  2. Britain
  3. Pearl Harbor
  4. Japan
  5. Herbert Hoover
  1. a what two things did the US never varify after WWI
  2. b Which president was agenst big spending and big government programs during the great depression?
  3. c What country caused the US to enter wwII?
  4. d the only allied power standing against Germany during the early part of 1941
  5. e What attacks severaly crippled the US naval and air strangth?

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  1. What promised in the in the zimmerman telegram?
  2. What countrys formed the triple Entente?
  3. Roosevelt's group of advisers
  4. A new weapon formed as a result of the manhatten project
  5. Which draft was more succesful WWI or the civil war?

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  1. poison gas, airplains, tanks submarinsthe atomic bomb was dropped on wich cities?


  2. Charles LindberghWho promised a "Return to normalcy" after the war?


  3. Sigmud FreudAmerica never veraifiedthe treaty of Versiailles because of opposition from______


  4. sacco and Vanettiwhat was the major court case that has to deal with the"red scare"?


  5. Holocaustthe systimatic slauter of 6 million jewsduring WWII