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  1. poison gas, airplains, tanks submarins
  2. Women & Blacks
  3. local responsibility for giving aid to the needy
  4. mussolini
  5. Neville Chamberline
  1. a President Hoover belived in what to get out of the depression?
  2. b What two groups began attending colleges and universities during the progressive era?
  3. c the man ,known as IIpuca,who promised a second Roman Empire
  4. d What war innoventions were introduced during wwI?
  5. e With whom is "appeasement" most closly identifide?

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  1. who helped Germany conquar Poland?
  2. A boootlegger and a gangster in chicogo
  3. at the turn of the century,these grew faster than rural areas
  4. Who flew the spirit of st. louis across the atlantic?
  5. the codename for the Normandy invation

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  1. work for the unemployedWhat were the resaltes of the new deal?


  2. kamikaze attacksone of the most devistating tactics used by japan during wwII


  3. tennessee valley authoritythe most far reaching of all the new deal programs


  4. Lend Lease actHow did FDR aid the allied before entering the war?


  5. Joseph Stalinthe man ,known as IIpuca,who promised a second Roman Empire


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