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  1. German
  2. operation overlord
  3. stock marcket crash
  4. influenza
  5. wwI
  1. a When the US enterd ww!,americans began to despise anything that was_____
  2. b What illness killed thousands of soilders during WWI
  3. c what signaled the beginning of the great depression?
  4. d the codename for the Normandy invation
  5. e Which draft was more succesful WWI or the civil war?

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  1. a popular Baseball star of the 1920's
  2. What two groups began attending colleges and universities during the progressive era?
  3. the most far reaching of all the new deal programs
  4. What were the two big choices for america during the great depression?
  5. the surpreme commander of wwI

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  1. U-boatsAmerica never veraifiedthe treaty of Versiailles because of opposition from______


  2. Learn english QuicklyWho promised a "Return to normalcy" after the war?


  3. al caponeA boootlegger and a gangster in chicogo


  4. Germany,Italy,JapanIn what order where the axis powers defeted?


  5. Herbert HooverWho won the election of 1928?