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  1. Dole
  2. the zimmerman teligram
  3. mussolini
  4. william howard taft
  5. cities
  1. a at the turn of the century,these grew faster than rural areas
  2. b the final major incident that promted the us to enter wwI
  3. c a hand out
  4. d theodore roosevelt's handpicked successor
  5. e the man ,known as IIpuca,who promised a second Roman Empire

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  1. Was the "red scare" a real threat?
  2. What attacks severaly crippled the US naval and air strangth?
  3. Who won the election of 1928?
  4. who helped Germany conquar Poland?
  5. the atomic bomb was dropped on wich cities?

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  1. Britainthe only allied power standing against Germany during the early part of 1941


  2. DoughboysWho amoung the Allies had their own units?


  3. convoyswhat did americans use in wwI to protect ships bound for europe?


  4. ferdinand fochWho develiped the esembly line?


  5. Babe RuthRoosevelt's group of advisers