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  1. U-boats
  2. Joseph Stalin,Winston Churchill,FDR
  3. wwI
  4. Hiroshima & Negasaki
  5. Britain
  1. a What men were the allied leaders?
  2. b the only allied power standing against Germany during the early part of 1941
  3. c What did Germany use that especialy distorbed America before they entered wwI?
  4. d the atomic bomb was dropped on wich cities?
  5. e Which draft was more succesful WWI or the civil war?

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  1. the final major incident that promted the us to enter wwI
  2. The axis powers
  3. When was D-Day?
  4. Which president was agenst big spending and big government programs during the great depression?
  5. Roosevelt's group of advisers

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  1. Britin,France,RussiaWhat countrys formed the triple Entente?


  2. Warren HardingWhat attacks severaly crippled the US naval and air strangth?


  3. DoughboysWho amoung the Allies had their own units?


  4. Lend Lease actHow did FDR aid the allied before entering the war?


  5. unwise stock investments extensive use of credit speculationwhat two things did the US never varify after WWI