Spatial Way of Thinking Vocab

General weather in a specific area
economic activity
The making, buying, and selling of goods and services
Any natural feature of Earth's surface that has a distinct shape such as continents, plains, plateaus, and mountain ranges. They can also include hills, valleys, canyons, and dunes.
physical features
Natural characteristic of Earth's surface, such as landforms and bodies of water.
population density
The average number of people who live in an area. Population density measures how crowded an area is.
An area defined by one or more natural or cultural characteristics that set apart from other areas
thematic map
A map that shows a particular theme, or topic
All the plants and trees in an area
hot and dry all year with very little rain
tropical wet and dry
hot all year with rainy and dry seasons
humid continental
warm, rainy summers and cool, snowy winters
very cold winters, cold summers, and little rain or snow