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History Terms Chapter 21

"Great Depression"

Time of America characterized with hard times and great challenges

Public Works

Government financed construction of public facilities

Work Relief

Government relief jobs

Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Given $500 million to loan to businesses

Hawley Smoot Tariff

Pushed foreign trading goods and agricultural item prices to their highest level in history, One of President Hoovers worst actions as president

Bonus Army

War veterans that demanded a promised check from the government

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Became president in 1932, served three terms and helped America tremendously through the Great Depression

"New Deal"

FDR's promise to get the US out of the economic crisis

Banking Crisis

Banking system on verge of total collapse

Bank Holiday

FDR demanded that for a 24 hour period, all banks be closed

"Brain Trust"

Composed mostly of professors from Columbia, FDR's advisors

"Fireside Chats"

Useful means of inspiring confidence and keeping public approval for the New Deal

Civilian Conservation Corps

Young, unmarried men to work in reforestation and soil conservation projects under the supervision of the army

Public Works Administration

Built school buildings, courthouses, hospitals, bridges, and other public facilities

Works Progress Administration

Eliminate the despised relief doles

Agricultural Adjustment Act

Established a new method of subsidizing farm products and aided debt ridden farmers

National Industrial Recovery Act

Organized voluntary guidelines for industries to increase employment, maintain wages, and reduce unwanted competition

National Recovery Administration

Agency designed to carry out the activities prescribed by the NIRA

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Agency devised to insure the bank deposits of millions of Americans against loss.

Tennessee Valley Authority

Undertook an extensive project to build up dams along the Tennessee River to provide new means of energy

Social Security Act

Instituting old age pensions and unemployment insurance for American workers.

Huey Long

Louisiana senator, tax the rich to feed the poor

Francis Townshend

Proposed government pay a pension of $200 every month to each citizen over the age of 60

Charles Coughlin

Roman Catholic priest, turned weekly sermons on radio to national political broadcast

Alf Landon

Only republican candidate to offer in the 1936 election. Lost to FDR

Court Packing Plan

FDR's plan to put as many liberal New Dealers in the court as possible

John L Lewis

President of the United Mine Workers, organized the CIO

"Bread Lines"

Cash relief for those who applied and were approved

Dust Bowl

4 year drought, farmers suffered greatly. Many headed for Cali


Made headlines when rubber industry workers staged a simultaneous sit down strike

New York World's Affair

Attracted 45 million visitors to 1500 exhibits

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