Red Hot Root Words 10, 11, 12

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antagonistan opponent, the person who is against the main characterantisocialnot sociableantisepticsomething used to kill germscontradictiona statement that is opposite another statementcounterbalancea weight used to balance another weightcounterproductivedoing the opposite to make things more difficultobliquea line that is not straight, a line that is slanted or slopedobnoxiousunpleasant smellobscureto make not clear or to concealobstinateunreasonable, unrulymonochromeone colormonopolycontrol by one person or one companyunicorna horse-like animal with one hornunifyto make oneduplexa house that has two separate unitsbiennialhappening every two yearsbilingualspeaking two languagestrilogya group of three books with a common themetriathlonan athletic contest usually involving swimming, running and bikingquadranglea figure with four sides