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World History Exam Short Answer

Where was the homeland of Alexander?
Alexander liked to model himself after what Greek Heroes?
Odysseus and Hercules
What book of the Bible, according to legend, did the Jews open to Alexander to show that God had ordained his campaign?
What important temple did Alexander visit in Egypt?
Temple of Zeus-Ammon
Alexander the Great was a Greco-EVangelist. What does this mean?
Greek preacher- he was considered a god
According to legend, what two brothers founded Rome?
Romulus and Remus
What was the most powerful body within the governmental structure of the Roman Republic?
What power did the tribunes get to exercise over unjust acts of patrician officials?
What famed Carthaginian leader invaded Rome by and unexpected march over the Alps into northern Italy?
Using their military service as leverage (bargaining power) what government council did the plebeians force the patricians to create that could overrule the Senate?
Identify two fo the differences between Carthage and Rome at the ouset of the Punic Wars
Rome: Better fighting on land and had soldiers form home land that had a passion for fighting
Carthage: Better Naval fleet and had hired soldiers (mercenaries)
When was Rome founded as a city?
753 BC
When was Rome founded as a Republic?
509 BC
What was the reform of Marius in 107 BC that changed the structure of the Roman military?
Marius forced the senate to drop the land ownership requirement for military enlistment
According to the Historian Suetonius what ws the feeling of the Roman crowd toward Caesar's assassins?
The crowd was very upset and angry toward the assassins and strongly disliked them
Give and example of Roman crowds' responce to Caesar's death
Right after the funeral the crowds went and got fire and went to burn the assassins' houses
The Orthodox Church insisted that Christ had what two natures
divine and Human
As discussed in class, icons were believed to have what two miraculous powers?
Healing and the power to kill people
After the split in the Church, the popes in the West no longer looked to Byzantium for military support. Who did they begin to look to for this type of aid?
Franks who got the muslims out of Gaul
Constantinopel finally fellin 1453 to what group of people?
Apart form the icon controversy the churches in the East and west disagreed on many issues. Name two of those issues
If priests should have beards and marry
List the Five Pillars of Islam
1. Shahada 2. Prayer 3. Fasting 4. Alms 5. Pilgrimage
List the Seven Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church
1. Babtism 2. Confirmation 3. Penance 4. Holy Eucharist (Holy communion) 5. Matrimony 6. Holy Orders 7. Extreme Unction (last rights)
What palace official became the real power behind the Frankish throne?
What was the name of the treaty that split the Carolingian Empire into three parts?
Treaty of Verdun
Name the two English monks who were known for their missionary activity and the nationality of the people to whom he ministered
Patrick- Ireland
Boniface- Germany
What was the practice called in which kings and nobles appointed church officials and invested them with their religious authority?
Lay investiture
Under which pope did the papacy reach its zenith?
Innocent 3rd
Which German King founded the Holy Roman Empire?
List the English and French advisory/ representative bodies that developed during this period of time and identify each with its respective country
Parliment- England
Estates General- France
What people did the Spanish and Portuguese seek to drive out of the Iberian Peninsula? What was the effort called?
Moors- Reconquista
What two things did Thomas Aquinas try to make "work together"?
Faith and Reason
Who served as middlemen in trade Europe and the Orient?
Italian Merchants
Who were the two greatest writers of the late Middle Ages?
Dante Alighieri and Geoffrey Chaucer