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joy luck club

newest member of the Joy Luck Club
Jing-mei (June) Woo
the other members of the Joy Luck Club give her money to go to china to find her mom's long lost twin daughters
Jing-mei (June) Woo
main character of JLC, bridge b/t the generations
Jing-mei (June) Woo
a game involving 4 players and dice and domino like tiles
Why was the original JLC formed in Kwelin?
to keep the ladies' minds off their sorrows and celebrate their common bond, to escape
Why was the new JLC formed in San Francisco?
Because Suyuan met women that also had sorrows and felt a connection with them
Since Suyuan formed both JLCs, what can we infer about her character?
She's the most hopeful and is willing to take the steps to persevere and achieve that hope
Why did the aunties give June $1200 in an envelope?
So she could go to China and find her half sisters that her mom had to leave behind :(
Does June feel like she knows her mom?
No, she doesn't because they never understood each other. She wouldn't know how to describe her mother to her half sisters, and that frightens her aunts--that their daughters don't understand them either
How did An-Mei become a ghost? What does becoming a ghost mean?
She disrespected her family by marrying Wu Tsing, who already had a wife and 2 concubines. In her family, a ghost is anything you're forbidden to talk about.
In Popo's story, what happened to the little girl that wouldn't listen to her elders?
She shook her head so hard her brains fell out
How did Lindo become a member of the Huang household? Why did her parents get rid of her?
B/c of a flood that destroyed their house and left them dirt poor, her family couldn't afford to feed her and so they left her w/ her future husband's family.
had to marry Tyan-yu Huang because a matchmaker paired them when they were 2
Lindo Jong
bossy, never gets her own hands dirty but orders everyone around.
Huang Taitai
tells Lindo to smell the chamber pot to see if it was clean enough
Huang Taitai
treated Lindo like less than a menial servant
Huang Taitai
One end of the _____ _________ had Tyan-yu's name, and one end had Lindo's name on it
Red Candle
Significance of the _____ _____: it was lit on both ends and was suppossed to burn all the way, signifying a marriage that could never be broken
red candle
How did Lindo escape her marriage?
Made up this elaborate dream about her ancestors w/ 3 signs. This shows that she's incredibly clever, independant, and brave
Ying-ying's nanny
Why does Amah tell ying-ying that she has to keep her wishes secret? B/c if you say it out loud it becomes a _____ _____-
selfish desire
A mystical figure that tells stories on a stage and promises a wish to everyone in the crowd for some $$.
Moon Lady
Ying Ying starts crying and asks the Moon Lady her wish, only to find that the Moon lady is actually a
Ying Ying's wish to the moon lady:
to be found
How does the moon lady story reflect Ying-Ying and her daughter Lena's lives?
they feel lost and directionless
What is the art of invisible strength?
a strategy for winning arguements, respect from others, and chess games--don't whine, just stay cold and quiet
_____ taught _____ the art of invisible strength
Lindo Jong, Waverly Jong
Why did Waverly run away?
Lindo marched her around the market place, saying "This is my daughter" to everyone because Waverly was famous from winning chess. This embarassed her.
How did Lindo treat little Waverly once she returned from running away?
Cold, ignored her--art of invisble strength
Lindo and Waverly's relationship/hurdles:
Competitiveness, Lindo puts too much pressure on Waverly and uses her to show off, performance based love. Their relationship is like a chess game
What does Lena like to do with the story of the beggar and her great grandfather?
she likes to imagine his death and ask detailed/gory questions. This annoys Ying Ying, who asks why you Americans have such morbid thoughts and why does it matter?
Why does Lena want to know about her mom's past?
Because her mom seems scared all the time--she sees danger everywhere and won't tell Lena what it is
Teresa, The girl that lives next door to Lena:
troublemaker/trash, her parents let her run loose, Teresa and her mom are always yelling at each other and the mom kicks her out of the house then lets her back in because they really love each other. Lena is embarrassed b/c knows everything @ Teresa because she can hear through the walls
Does An-mei approve of Rose and Ted?
She assumes things about Rose--that she's Vietnamese and is ready to marry Ted
Mrs Jordan
the belief that you can do anything you put your mind to, the Tsus believed in this
Rose's reaction to the Bing incedent:
never expected to find Bing, also never expected to try to save her marriage--not hopeful!
An-Mei's reaction to the Bing incedent:
strong faith that God would bring him back to life after they've learned their lesson, offerings to spirits-- she is spiritual/supersticious in general
Why does An-Mei throw her ring in the water?
to appease the COILING DRAGON!!!!!!! will obriant
Why is Bing's name written in the deaths section? Why is the bible put under the table leg?
An-Mei gave up her faith
______ thought _____ could be a prodigy because anything is possible in america.
Suyuan, Jing-Mei
When did Jing-Mei think she could be a prodigy?
after she got a pixie haircut
What was wrong with Jing Mei's piano teacher?
Old and deaf-- so Jing-Mei didn't practice and just played the wrong notes
What happened at June's piano performance?
She played right at first, but then she couldn't stop playing the wrong notes, hoping the audience would be like her deaf piano teacher. Suyuan's reaction: a quiet, blank look like she'd lost everything--> puts too much pressure on June
What does the magpie/turtle story teach An-mei's mom to do?
Swallow her sorrow b/c if you cry you will just feed other's happiness
How An-Mei's mom became Wu Tsing's concubine:
2nd wife manipluated them into it b/c Wu Tsing was drinking and cheating on her because he wanted a son. So she convinced An-Mei's mom to come over and "hang out," then Wu Tsing raped her after he replaced 2nd wife's spot in bed. Then 2nd wife lied about it and An-Mei's mom became his new concubine.
How did An-Mei's mom commit suicide?
3 days before Chinese New Year: Ate a new year-celebration dumpling secretly stuffed with poisen--> died the next day, so (according to tradition) on the third day (= the 1st day of the lunar new year,) her spirit would return as a ghost. The first day of the new year was significant b/c all debts had to be repaid or horrible things would happen. This way she secured a good future for her daughter An-Mei
Why did Ying Ying's husband leave her?
She was pregnant with a son, and her hubby pulled a Tiger Woods
How does Ying Ying feel towards her current husband?
She wants to love him, but she feels like a complete ghost, unable to love and empty inside
Why could Lindo's children not have American circumstances and Chinese character?
B/c when you can change anything you don't like, why would you want to learn obediance or how to swallow your sorrow?
Why does Waverly like her and her mom's crooked noses?q
It makes them look "devious"--we can mean what we say but our intentions are different
How did the half-sisters learn that their mom was dead?
June told them when she got to China
Why did Suyuan actually leave the babies?
Fleeing from the Japanese, having been secretly warned by an officer friend --> fled in the middle of the night w/ daughters and stuff, dropped the babies last when she was about to die from fever, thirst, starvation, etc
What does Jing-Mei mean?
Jing: pure, without impurities
Mei: common, like "younger sister"
What does Ying Ying predict that come true?
That her baby would be a stillborn, that Lena would marry a bad man
Harold is completely domineering and is insensitive to Lena. He makes all the decisions and doesn't even realize she hates Ice Cream even though she never eats it with him. Also, all their expenses are separate--not a unified relationship.
What does Ying Ying think about Lena and Harold's relationship?
It's like the table Harold made, wobbly w/ a poor foundation. When the vase falls off the table and shatters (representing their marriage), she asks Lena "why didn't you stop it?"
LIndo's criticism affecting Waverly:
she criticises the fur cloak RIck gave Waverly, saying it's poor quality--> W begins to see R as poor quality
Waverly's relationship with Lindo:
W feels like she can never, ever make L happy--using the art of invisible strength, LIndo makes small criticisms about things in W's life until W can no longer see them in a positive light
When Rose says that Ted is hulihudu, what does she mean?
The power of her words resulted in Ted becoming first confused, then scared. Rose saw it in his eyes and she felt powerful
Who is without wood?
Rose Tsu. An-Mei tells her to watch you mom, a grown tree, and then you won't be crooked. But rose thinks its too late
How does Rose act in the garden with Ted?
she is strong, finally stands up to him--she intends to stay in the house
recieved her "life's importance" pendant from her mom, sees it differently after her mom dies
Jing Mei
Waverly and Jing Mei's relationship:
J thinks W is stuck up, and she is!!! She's sneaky with insults, subtle, acts like she's better than J. J stands up to her b/c she had done work for W's company, and W hadn't paid her--then W tells her it's not good enough for me
Why does Suyuan give Jing Mei the pendant?
So that J could understand her--mayb in hopes that part of S's soul could come into J.
Individual has internalized meaning/info, you have to assume things, obedience and imitation are important. These cultures don't change often, ancestor worship, tradition
High Context Culture
example of a high context culture
Info and meanings are explicitly stated in the message or communication, people expect explanations when things are unclear
Low context culture
Themes in JLC
Expectations vs reality, loss and redemption, bridge between the two cultures, the power of language