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  1. serial position effect
  2. grammar
  3. classical conditioning
  4. depth perception
  5. imprinting
  1. a method of learning in which a neutral stimulus can be used to elicit a response that is usually a natural response to a stimulus
  2. b an ability that we exercise by using both monocular and binocular cues
  3. c a system of rules in a language
  4. d this tells us that the best recall of a list of items will be of those at the beginning of the list
  5. e evidence of critical period in some animals; they follow the first moving thing they see after hatching

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  1. theory of hearing which states that the rate of nerve impulses traveling up the auditory nerve matches the tone's frequency
  2. a variety of disorders marked by inability to distinguish some or all colors
  3. includes passion, intimacy and committment
  4. the sensory switchboard
  5. neurons in the retina that are responsible for color vision

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  1. acetylcholine (ACh)a neurotransmitter involved in learning, memory and muscle movement


  2. cochleaa curved, transparent element of the vision system that provides focus


  3. dissociative identity disordercharacterized by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks


  4. incentivean external stimulus that tends to encourage behavior


  5. association areasinterpreting new experiences in terms of existing schema