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  1. genital stage
  2. peripheral nervous system
  3. MMPI
  4. informed consent
  5. social learning
  1. a a theory that suggests we learn social behaviors by watching and imitating others
  2. b Freud's stage of psychosexual development when adult sexuality is prominent
  3. c the subsystem of the nervous system that does not include the CNS
  4. d the initials of a long, detailed personality inventory
  5. e agreement to participate in psychology research, after being appraised of the dangers and benefits of the research

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  1. tendency for group members to think alike with certainty of correctness, biased perceptions of outgroup members, and generally defective decision-making processes
  2. moving people with psychological or developmental disabilities from highly structured institutions to home- or community-based settings
  3. a need or desire that energizes and directs behavior
  4. the process of recovering information stored in memory
  5. the axons of the ganglion cells form this

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  1. divergent thinkinga type of creative thinking in which one generates new solutions to problems


  2. difference thresholdthe idea that different sound frequencies stimulate different locations on the basilar membrae


  3. absolute thresholdintensity level at which one can detect a stimulus 50% of the time


  4. inferiority complexan external stimulus that tends to encourage behavior


  5. egothe Latin for "I"; in Freud's theories, the mediator between the demands of the id and the superego