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  1. experiment
  2. thalamus
  3. parasympathetic
  4. chaining
  5. Electra complex
  1. a using operant conditioning to teach a complex response by linking together less complex skills
  2. b the branch of the nervous system that automatically calms us down when the reason for arousal has passed
  3. c counterpart to the Oedipus complex for females
  4. d form of scientific investigation in which one variable is tested to determine its effect on another
  5. e the sensory switchboard

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  1. this acts as a support system for neurons
  2. monocular visual cue in which two objects are in the same line of vision and one patially conceals the other, indicating that the first object concealed is further away
  3. developed by Binet; equal to one's chronological age times the percentage score on an IQ test
  4. numerical average of a set of numbers
  5. intensity level at which one can detect a stimulus 50% of the time

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  1. reliabilitythis acts as a support system for neurons


  2. repressiondefense mechanism in which painful memories are excluded from consciousness


  3. anvilthe initials of a long, detailed personality inventory


  4. inferiority complexAdler's conception of a basic feeling of inadequacy stemming from childhood experiences


  5. placebo effectthe tendency to not offer help when needed if others are present who do not offer help