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  1. aphasia
  2. synaptic gap
  3. delusion
  4. dendrite
  5. schedules of reinforcement
  1. a these include fixed interval and variable ratio
  2. b impairment of language usually caused by damage to the left hemisphere
  3. c a branch off the cell body of a neuron that receives new information from other neurons
  4. d irrational, highly improbable belief
  5. e space between the axon terminal of one neuron and the receptors of the next neuron

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  1. name for a controversy in which it is debated whether genetics or environment is responsible for driving behavior
  2. this adjective describes cultures in which the individual is less important than the group
  3. name for Freud's stage which features the Oedipus stage
  4. this coiled structure in the inner ear is fluid-filled and in it the energy from sound waves stimulate hair cells
  5. describes a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming and is able to influence the progress of the dream narrative

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  1. Oedipus complexphenomenon that describes the belief that what happens to people is what they deserve


  2. thresholdterm that describes memory of sounds


  3. afferentin neurons, another name for sensory


  4. control groupgenerally, any group that one does not belong to


  5. hypothalamusname for Freud's stage which features the Oedipus stage


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