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  1. cerebellum
  2. person-centered
  3. narcolepsy
  4. hindsight bias
  5. associative learning
  1. a the tendency, after an event occurs, to overestimate the likelihood that an event could have been predicted
  2. b brain structure that controls well-learned motor activities like riding a bike
  3. c learning in which an organism learns that certain events occur together, such as my cat knowing that she will be fed when I get home from work
  4. d a disorder characterized by sudden sleep attacks, often at inopportune times
  5. e therapy developed by Rogers featuring the patient's self-discovery and actualization; also called client-centered

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  1. the ability of the brain to adapt to damage by reorganizing functions
  2. drug which blocks the activity of neurotransmitters
  3. "The only reason I flunked the test is because our teacher is no good."
  4. this adjective describes cultures in which the individual is less important than the group
  5. in operant conditioning any event that strengthens the behavior it follows

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  1. auditory canalthe area that sound waves pass through to reach the eardrum


  2. manifestdescribes, in Freudian terms, the surface content of a dream


  3. panic disordercharacterized by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks


  4. serotonina neurotransmitter; associated with improved mood and other positive emotions


  5. after imagean image that remains after a stimulus is removed, especially one in which the colors are reversed