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  1. gene
  2. mean
  3. signal detection
  4. evolutionary
  5. chaining
  1. a made of DNA, it is the basic building block of heredity
  2. b numerical average of a set of numbers
  3. c this theory predicts how and in what circumstances we can detect a stimulus; assumes there is no single threshold
  4. d perspective that stresses the value of behavior in Darwinian terms
  5. e using operant conditioning to teach a complex response by linking together less complex skills

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  1. occur most often during REM sleep; may be caused by activation-synthesis, or may be a way of cementing memories
  2. a type of creative thinking in which one generates new solutions to problems
  3. a neurotransmitter; associated with improved mood and other positive emotions
  4. refers to sleep during which there is no rapid eye movement
  5. a stage in human development extending from about ten weeks after conception to birth

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  1. associative learningtreatment for psychological disorders that centers on changing self-defeating thinking


  2. proactive interferencein operant conditioning any event that strengthens the behavior it follows


  3. just noticeable differencea subdiscipline of computer science that attempts to simulate human thinking


  4. concurrent validitythe extent to which two measures of the same trait or ability agree


  5. individualistculture in which the individual is valued more highly than the group