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  1. semantics
  2. proactive interference
  3. catharsis
  4. sleep apnea
  5. bipolar cells
  1. a in language, study of meanings of words
  2. b when prior learning disrupts the recall of new information
  3. c release of aggressive energy through activity or fantasy
  4. d a disorder characterized by cessation of breathing during sleep
  5. e eye neurons that receive information from the retinal cells and distribute information to the ganglion cells

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  1. in conditioning it elicits the UCR
  2. nervous system cells that receive information from the environment
  3. type of memory that holds a few items briefly before they are lost
  4. a treatment in which low level electric current is passed through the brain
  5. desire to associate with others, to be part of a group, to form close and intimate relationships

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  1. ablationa division of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movements


  2. divergent thinkinga type of creative thinking in which one generates new solutions to problems


  3. hypochondriasisseen when an individual is in a relaxed, unfocused, yet still awake state


  4. client-centered therapytreatment for psychological disorders that centers on changing self-defeating thinking


  5. egocentrismin a toddler, the belief that others perceive the world in the same way that he or she does