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  1. client-centered therapy
  2. somatoform disorder
  3. accommodation
  4. spontaneous recovery
  5. gene
  1. a developed by Carl Rogers, this humanistic therapy includes unconditional positive regard
  2. b the process of modifying a schema to account for new information; the process of the eyes lens changing shape in order to focus on distant or near objects
  3. c made of DNA, it is the basic building block of heredity
  4. d in classical conditioning the re-occurence of conditioning after it had appeared to be extinct
  5. e any of a group of psychological disturbances characterized by physical symptoms for which there is not a medical cause

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  1. this phenomenon causes one to prefer a stimulus as a consequence of repeated exposures to that stimulus, particularly is there is no adverse result of the exposure
  2. field of study which concentrates on good psychological traits such as contentment and joy; it also studies character traits such as wisdom, integrity and altruism
  3. term refers to observations made of individual's behavior in an everyday life setting
  4. part of the brain nearest the spinal cord which controls breathing, heart rate and blood pressure
  5. method of learning in which a neutral stimulus can be used to elicit a response that is usually a natural response to a stimulus

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  1. personalitya consistent pattern of thinking, acting, feeling


  2. temperamentthe lobe that controls audition


  3. superegothe part of the personality in Freud's theory that is responsible for making moral choices


  4. serotoninthe fundamental building block of the nervous system


  5. schedules of reinforcementthese include fixed interval and variable ratio