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  1. control group
  2. cerebellum
  3. explicit
  4. hallucination
  5. interposition
  1. a monocular visual cue in which two objects are in the same line of vision and one patially conceals the other, indicating that the first object concealed is further away
  2. b term that describes memories that can be consciously recalled
  3. c brain structure that controls well-learned motor activities like riding a bike
  4. d subjects in an experiment who do not receive application of the independent variable but are measured nonetheless for the dependent variable
  5. e a false sensory perception that seems to be real but for which there is not an actual external stimulus

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  1. psychological disturbances of mood
  2. the parts of the brain that receive information from the sensory receptors
  3. generally, learning in which certain experiences make certain behaviors more or less likely; there are two forms of this
  4. change in behavior due to watching other people behave
  5. areas of the cerebral cortex which have no specific motor or sensory repsonsibilities, but rather are involved in thinking, memory and judgment

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  1. dopaminea branch off the cell body of a neuron that receives new information from other neurons


  2. normal distributiontendency of group members to move to an extreme position after discussing an issue as a group


  3. availability heuristica condition in which the two brain hemispheres are isolated by cutting the corpus callosum


  4. hindsight biasthe tendency, after an event occurs, to overestimate the likelihood that an event could have been predicted


  5. extinctionin classical conditioning, the process of eliminating the previously acquired association of the conditioned stimulus and conditioned response