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  1. intrinsic
  2. catatonic
  3. amygdala
  4. latent
  5. dreams
  1. a a form of schizophrenia in which the patient has muscle immobility and does not move
  2. b Freud's stage of psychosexual development occuring from about age 6 to puberty during which little happens in psychosexual terms
  3. c limbic system component associated with emotion, particularly fear and anger
  4. d term that describes motivations that derive from one's interest in the object of the motivation, rather than from rewards that one might gain
  5. e occur most often during REM sleep; may be caused by activation-synthesis, or may be a way of cementing memories

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  1. treatment for psychological disorders that centers on changing self-defeating thinking
  2. this kind of sample accurately reproduces the characteristics of the population a researcher is studying
  3. lobe that contains the sensory cortex
  4. moving people with psychological or developmental disabilities from highly structured institutions to home- or community-based settings
  5. removal or destruction of brain tissue in a surgical procedure

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  1. kinethesissense of balance and of one's physical position


  2. independentthis theory says that having suffered negative experience, an individual might blame an innocent person or group for the experience and subsequently mistreat the person or group


  3. rehearsalrelease of aggressive energy through activity or fantasy


  4. divergent thinkingtendency for group members to think alike with certainty of correctness, biased perceptions of outgroup members, and generally defective decision-making processes


  5. activation synthesissense of balance and of one's physical position