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  1. mode
  2. random
  3. peripheral nervous system
  4. operational definition
  5. biological
  1. a a description of an experimental variable in such a way that the variable can be measured and the procedure can be replicated
  2. b the most commonly occurring term in a batch of data
  3. c perspective that stresses links between biology and behavior
  4. d term that describes assignment in which all subjects have an equal chance of being assigned to the control group or to the experimental group
  5. e the subsystem of the nervous system that does not include the CNS

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  1. made of DNA, it is the basic building block of heredity
  2. scientific investigations intended to expand the knowledge base
  3. refers to memory that is stored effectively in the brain and may be accessed over an extended period of time
  4. term that describes the memory of images
  5. a drug, often smoked, whose effects include euphoria, impairment of judgment and concentration and occasionally hallucinations; rarely reported as addictive

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  1. episodicin Freud's conception, the repository of the basic urges toward sex and agression


  2. neurotransmitterterm that describes motivations that drive behavior in order to gain rewards from outside forces


  3. manifestFreud's stage of psychosexual development occuring from about age 6 to puberty during which little happens in psychosexual terms


  4. Electra complexin Freud's theory, the conflict which results in a boy gaining a superego and beginning to emulate his father


  5. proactive interferencewhen prior learning disrupts the recall of new information