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  1. artificial intelligence
  2. self-efficacy
  3. obsessive-compulsive disorder
  4. peripheral nervous system
  5. motivation
  1. a an anxiety disorder characterized by repetitive obsessions and compulsions
  2. b a subdiscipline of computer science that attempts to simulate human thinking
  3. c a need or desire that energizes and directs behavior
  4. d the subsystem of the nervous system that does not include the CNS
  5. e one's ability to act effectively to bring about desired results; from Bandura

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  1. the electrical process by which information is transmitted the length of an axon
  2. he tendency to assign oneself credit for successes but to blame failures on external forces
  3. refers to interconnected neuron cells
  4. a branch off the cell body of a neuron that receives new information from other neurons
  5. a social interaction in which one person suggests to another that certain events or emotions will occur

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  1. anal stagesource of the hormone norepinephrine which affects arousal


  2. plasticityGerman word for "whole", it refers to our tendency to perceive incomplete figures as complete


  3. foveafear


  4. chainingusing operant conditioning to teach a complex response by linking together less complex skills


  5. cognitiveperspective on psychology that stresses the importance of mental activities associated with thinking, remembering, etc