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  1. outgroup
  2. hemispheres
  3. opponent process theory
  4. syntax
  5. artificial intelligence
  1. a in language the set of rules that describe how words are arranged to make sentences
  2. b we have two, right and left, and some brain functions seem to centered in one or the other
  3. c generally, any group that one does not belong to
  4. d term used in both vision theory and emotion theory
  5. e a subdiscipline of computer science that attempts to simulate human thinking

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  1. this says that we will suffer discomfort and act to change the situation when our thoughts and actions seem to be inconsistent
  2. a chemical that is released by a neuron for the purpose of carrying information across the gaps (synapses) between neurons
  3. Freud's therapeutic technique
  4. a group's determination of socially acceptable behavior
  5. in language, study of meanings of words

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  1. arousallobe that contains the sensory cortex


  2. independenttype of variable manipulated by the experimenter


  3. phonemein language, smallest distinctive sound unit


  4. brainstemthe sensory reception system of the eye; includes rods and cones


  5. consciousnessone's awareness of one's environment and oneself.