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  1. selective attention
  2. incentive
  3. conditioning
  4. random
  5. gestalt
  1. a an external stimulus that tends to encourage behavior
  2. b generally, learning in which certain experiences make certain behaviors more or less likely; there are two forms of this
  3. c this term describes the situation when you are focused on certain stimuli in the environment while other stimuli are excluded
  4. d German word for "whole", it refers to our tendency to perceive incomplete figures as complete
  5. e term that describes assignment in which all subjects have an equal chance of being assigned to the control group or to the experimental group

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  1. in Freud's theory, the level of consciousness in which thoughts and feelings are not conscious but are readily retrieveable to consciousness
  2. generally, any group that one does not belong to
  3. also called multiple personality disorder
  4. gland that is the master gland of the endocrine system
  5. scientific investigation in which a single subject is studied in great detail

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  1. peripheral nervous systemits four stages are excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution


  2. endorphinspart of the brain, works with the cerebellum in coordinating voluntary movement; neural stimulation studied in activation synthesis theory may originate here


  3. heuristica useful, but unprovable, cognitive shortcut, such as a "rule of thumb"


  4. corpus callosumcondition in which the sympathetic nervous system is in control


  5. consciousnessone's awareness of one's environment and oneself.