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  1. internal locus of control
  2. memory
  3. MRI
  4. amygdala
  5. operant conditioning
  1. a functions associated with this include encoding, storage and retrieval
  2. b people with this tned to respond to internal states and desires; they tend to see their successes as the result of their own efforts
  3. c a method of influencing behavior by rewarding desired behaviors and punishing undesired ones
  4. d limbic system component associated with emotion, particularly fear and anger
  5. e a technique that enables us to see static images of the brain's structures; uses magnetism to achieve this effect

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  1. scientific investigations intended to expand the knowledge base
  2. describes a parenting style that is characterized by the parent making few demands on the child
  3. treatment for psychological disorders that centers on changing self-defeating thinking
  4. sense of balance and of one's physical position
  5. retinal disparity and convergence which enable people to determine depth using both eyes

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  1. echoicthe Latin for "I"; in Freud's theories, the mediator between the demands of the id and the superego


  2. case studyscientific investigation in which a single subject is studied in great detail


  3. occipitalthis lobe contains the primary vision processing function


  4. higher-orderperspective on psychology that sees psychology as an objective science without reference to mental states


  5. sensory adaptationreduced responsiveness caused by prolonged stimulation