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Chapter 7 and 8 Study Guide Modern World History


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Vice Royalty of New Granada and the Captaincy-General of Venezuela
Which countries combined to form Gran Columbia?
The Carribean
In the early 1800s, which areas were least affected by independence movements
What percentage of France's population belonged to the third estate?
A mob stormed a prison looking for gun powder
What happened on July 14, Bastille Day?
Liberty, equality, and brotherhood
What three goals were stated in "the slogan of the revolution?"
He set up government schools, set up a comprehensive set of laws, and established a fair tax code
What was Napoleon able to accomplish during peace time?
He divided the French fleet and attacked smaller ships
How did Admiral Nelson win the Battle of Trafalgar?
To enforce the terms of the continental system
Why did Napoleon attack Portugal?
To establish a balance of power in Europe
What was the goal of the Congress of Vienna?
Prince Klemens von Metternich of Austria
The most influential leader of the Congress of Vienna
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Man who led a revolt of enslaved Africans in Saint Dominique
Mexico's liberation was violent while Brazil's was nonviolent
Describe the main way that the liberation of Mexico was different from the liberation of Brazil
Both had policies that encouraged industrialization
How were France and Russia similar during the 1800s?
Groups accepting a long established form of government
Which group or empire was not influenced by nationalism during the 1800s
One's greatest loyalty should not be to a king
One's greatest loyalty should be to a nation of people
The nation of people should have a common culture
What three ideas did nationalism promote?
A ruler should never violate the Constitution of their country
What did Otto Von Bismarck Believe about the constitution of a country?
Prussia when it became Germany
Which nation cause the shift in power in Europe in 1871?
The promotion of the establishment of ideas
Which idea or thought did romanticism not promote?
It became part of middle-class life
How did music change during the romantic period?
To illustrate a moment in time
What was the goal of the impressionist artist in composers?
There were many distinct groups within the viceroyalty of Rio de La Plata
What does the viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata by 1830 show?
Which country had lost all of its colonies in south America by 1830?
Spain or the Spanish
Which country gained independence from France by 1830?
No one
Who was safe from the guillotine during the reign of terror?