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Forensics exam review

The process by which the body temp cools after death is known as:
algor mortis
Who established the comparison microscope as the indispensable tool of the modern firearms examiner?
Forensic odontology refers to the study of
The exchange of evidence principle was?
The manner of collecting and preserving physical evidence at a crime scene is determined by:
the nature of the evidence
All of the following items may be placed in an airtight container except:
Charred debris recovered from a fire
Bloodstained clothing
Hairs and fibers
Evidence of tampering with the position of a body after death can be obtained by evaluating the:
livor mortis
The likelihood of finding class physical evidence is ____ the likelihood of finding physical evidence with individual characteristics:
greater than
The fracture patter of glass usually has:
radial and concentric lines
Stress marks on the edge of a radial crack near the point of impact are:
Parallel to the side on which the force was applied
A technique frequently used to compare soils is:
density-gradient tube
The change in refractive index upon annealing tempered glass is ____ the change in refractive index upon annealing untempered glass:
greater than
pyrex glass
is made with the addition of boron oxide
Which is NOT a synthetic fiber?
A cast of a hair surface can be made using:
both b & c
Which of the following is not a layer of the hair shaft?
mohair and cashmere are hairs from:
the central canal running through many hairs is known as the:
the elements that comprise the inorganic pigments of paint can be identified by:
paint binders can be chemically analyzed using:
both b & c
Cellulose is the basic component of:
A fiber whose microscopic appearance includes being ribbon like in shape with twists at irregular intervals is:
Which of the following is NOT part of the composition of paint?
Hit and run accidents may result in which type(s) of evidence?
Medullae may be classified as being:
Which property imparts paint with its most distinctive forensic characteristic?
color-layer sequence
In what stage can a hair most readily be removed from the scalp?
In determining whether a hair sample originated from a male or female, the MOST important consideration is:
result of DNA analysis from root structure
Pigment granules that impart hair with color are found in the
Both a & b
Before the 20th century, all fibers were
The reagent used for the field test of heroin is:
A police officer performs a field test on a white powder, obtaining a purple color. The most likely drug present is:
Which is the percentage of evidence evaluated in a crime lab that is drug related?
The ability to make a positive ID of a drug using UV spec is ____ the ability to make a positive ID using IR spec
less than
The marquis reagent was used on drug evidence and it turned purple. The drug being tested could be:
either a or b
An initiating explosive often use din detonators is:
The chemical ingredients of black powder are commonly:
Potassium nitrate, carbon, sulfur
The chemical ingredients of black powder are commonly:
dynamite is an initiating high explosive
which is not a high explosive?
black powder
Most explosives can be recovered from debris for future study by being rinsed with:
Which instrumentation is considered the most sensitive and reliable for detecting and characterizing flammable residues?
Hydrocarbon accelerants can be detected by:
both a & b