world history--persia & greece

22 terms by pinkninja77

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1st Persian emperor; after conquering Babylonia, he freed the Jews from the Babylonian exile; killed by Queen Tomyris


grandson of Cyrus; built LOTS of canals and royal roads; established "Pony Express" message system; standardized weights, measures, and currency


battle between greeks and persians-->greeks win; a messanger ran all the way back to Athens to tell them that they'd won and uttered the word "nike (victory)" before dying of exhaustion


battle of "the 300"--> Persians technically won, but the Spartans bought time (which saved their city)


king of sparta who led his 300 men in the battle of thermopylae


sea battle between the greeks and the persians-->greeks win by having huge pointed rods on their ships and ramming into the persians


son of darius who tried to finish what his father had started with the greeks-->epic fail


to "greek-ify"; Alexander the Great spread this


greek historian who wrote of the persian wars, amazonian women, etc.


greek trajedy about "a woman scorned"-->her man left her so she killed their children, his new wife, and his new wife's dad

oedipus rex

greek trajedy about fate--> a prince cannot escape his fate of killing his father and marrying his mother


greek comedy about women going on a sex strike until their husbands make peace (peloponnesian war)


greek hero-->stradegist who thought of the trojan horse


greek hero-->best warrior EVER


most beautiful woman in the world; she had a "face that launched 1,000 ships"


helen's husband and king of sparta


king of mycenae and menelaus' brother


king of troy


prince of troy--> their finest warrior


prince of troy; "kidnapped" helen--> start of trojan war


myth--> this golden fruit, made by the goddess of discord, Eris, was the start of the trojan war


blind greek poet who wrote "the Iliad" and "the Odyssey"

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