Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns


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My father helps me
Mi padre me ayuda
My friend helps you
Mi amigo te ayuda
I write him/her a letter
Yo le escribo una carta
I bought it (the car)
Lo compré
I sold it (house)
La vendí
He helps us
Él nos ayuda
He helps you
Él te ayuda
He helps them with the work
Los ayuda con el trabajo.
He gives me a present
Me da un regalo
I give you a present
Te doy un regalo
I give her money
Le doy dinero
He speaks to us
Nos habla
I speak to you
Te hablo
I see her
Yo la veo
You see them (M)
Tú los ves
I serve her (the food)
Yo se la sirvo
You serve them (M or F) (the food)
Tú se la sirves
Serve them (the food) now! (command)
Sírvesela ahora
Talk to me! (command)
She spoke to me
Ella me habló
I saw him yesterday
Yo lo vi ayer
Did you see her?
¿ La viste?
She saw you
Ella te vio
I wrote her a letter
Yo le escribí una carta
You wrote her a letter
Tú le escribiste una carta
She wrote us a letter
Ella nos ecribió una carta
They wrote you a letter
Ellos te escribieron una carta
We wrote him a letter
Le escribimos una carta
I did it (la tarea)
Yo la hice
You made them ( the gifts)
Tú los hiciste
I give it to you (the book)
Te lo doy
We sing it to them. (the song)
Se la cantamos
He buys it for you. (the gift)
Te lo compra.
I am going to write it to her. (the letter)
Voy a escribírsela
They are going to buy it for me. (the car)
Me lo van a comprar
I want to see it (the movie)
Quiero verla
They have to give them to her (the shirts)
Tienen que dárselas
I give it to you (the letter)
Te la doy
She sings it to us (the song)
Nos la canta
She buys it for me (the tie)
Me la compra
I am going to write them to him (the letters)
Se las voy a escribir
You all have to give them to me (the keys)
Tienen que dármelas
You want to hear it (the song)
Quieres oírla
We sing it to her (the song)
Se la cantamos
He serves it to us (the food)
Nos la sirve
Did you see him?
¿Lo viste?
Do you see us?
¿Nos ves?
Do you see me?
¿Me ves?
Do all of you see me?
¿Me ven?
Do all of you see us?
¿Nos ven?