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What are the 3 G's?
1. God
2. Gold
3. Glory
What spurred the age of European exploration?
-desire to grow rich
-spread of christianity
-advances in sailing technology
Where did most goods come from?
What war introduced Europeans to these goods?
The Crusades
What could merchants do now that these products were in great demand?
Raise the prices.
Who controlled the trade of goods from east to west?
The Muslims and Italians.
Why did the church want to convert non- christians?
Because they believed they had to continue fighting amongst the muslims after the crusades. They also were losing followers.
What was a caravel?
It was a sturdier than earlier vessels.
What was an astrolabe?
It was a brass circle with carefully adjusted rings marked off in degrees. The muslims had perfected it. It calculated the how far north or south of the equator the ship was.
Who invented the magnetic compass?
The Chinese.
Who mainly developed these sailing innovations?
The Portuguese.
Who was the first European country to establish trading outposts along the west coast of Africa?
Who was Prince Henry?
The son of Portugal's king. He was inspired to explore after he helped conquer the Muslim city of Ceuta in North Africa. He also wanted to spread the christian faith.
What did Henry do in 1419?
He built a navigation school on southwestern coast of Portugal.
Who was Vasco da Gama?
Was a Portuguese explorer that began to explore the east african coast. In 1498 he reached the port of Calicut
Who convinced Spain to finance in a voyage?
Christopher Columbus.
What was the immediate impact of Columbus's Voyage?
Increased tensions between Spain and portugal.
Who stepped in to keep peace between Spain and Portugal?
Pope Alexander VI
What was the line of Demarcation?
A imaginary dividing line drawn north to south through the Atlantic ocean. All lands West would be Spain's and All lands East of the line would be Portugals.
What is the Treaty of Tordesillas?
An agreement Spain and Portugal had which they agreed to honor the line.
Around 1600, what other nations challenge the Portugese?
The English and the Dutch
Where did the dutch establish their trading headquarters?
At Batavia on the island of Java.
Who was Hongwu?
-He commanded the rebel army that drove out the Mongols in China in 1368.
-Became first Ming Emperor.
Who was Yonglo?
-He was Hongwu's son who emerged victorious.
-Moved the royal court to Beijing.
What kinds of things did Hongwu do after he was in power?
- Restored agriculture lands devastated by war
- Promote chinas power and prosperity
- Encouraged fish farming, growing comercial crops.
Who had the outside curiosity of the world?
Who was Zheng He?
-He was a Chinese Muslim admiral who led 7 important voyages.
-Everything he did was great and giant.
Why did China go into isolation?
To keep influence of outsiders to a minimum.
Who conducted the trade?
The government.
Why did the Ming Dynasty collapse?
-High taxes
-bad harvests--> starvation
Who were the Manchus?
The people of the region that took over the Ming dynasty and called it the Qing Dynasty.
Who did the Manchus slowly gain respect?
By keeping the Chinese traditional Confucian beliefs and social structures.
-restored peace and prosperity
Who was Kangxi?
He was the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty in 1661.
Which nation did the Chinese accept to trade?
The Dutch.
Which nation did not accept Chinese strict trading rules?
Great Britain.