ch 19 and 20


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Who was Columbus?
- withdrew form spain in 1492 to explore the New World
- he found riches of the New World that would bring wealth and power to Spain
Who was Cortez and where did he conquer?
-He was an explorer from Spain
-conquered Aztec people
Who was Pizarro?
- he was from the same place Cortez was from Spain
-he conquered Incan empire
Who was deChamplain?
-English explorer
-claimed Quebec and France
What did the conquistadors go searching for in the New World?
-riches such as gold and silver
- they also went to establish colonies so they could gain more power for their mother country
What is encomienda?
-Natives farmed, and mined for spanish landlords
-natives were treated poorly
-there was a demand for labor trade
-Spanish and Native American populations
Pure spanish settlers that came to the Americas
Spread of Christianity into the Americas
-priests spoke out about the torment of the Natives
New France
-Frances colonial empire in Quebec.
-founded/conquered by deChamplain along the St.Lawrence river
-this opened up fur trade which made huge profits in Europe