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8 Parts of Speech


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Nouns: person, place, thing, idea
Ohio, cat, dog, Chipotle, house
Pronoun: used in place of a noun
I, me, you, himself, everyone
Adjective: describes a noun or pronoun, telling what kind, how many, or which one
25, blue, soft, funny, pretty
Conjunction: connects words and sentences together
and, or, but, because
interjection: a word that shows strong emotion
Wow! Ouch, Yes!
Preposition: shows the position, direction or how two words are related to each other
above, to, up, down, inside
Verb: an action word or state of being
run, talking, is, was, are
Adverb: describes a verb or adjective, telling where, how, when or to what extent
quickly, slowly, very, weakly
a, an, the
Reflexive or intensive pronouns
myself, itself, ourselves, themselves
Indefinite pronouns
Everyone, somebody, anyone
Helping verb: Helps an action verb
She MUST HAVE talked to you yesterday
Linking verb: Helps a noun or adjective
The gum WAS pink and gooey.