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  1. Recurring
  2. contemptuosly
  3. o climax
  4. Imploring
  5. Quivering
  1. a pleading; begging
  2. b disrespectfully; disdainfully
  3. c coming back
  4. d Johnny + Dally Die, court, Pb sick.
  5. e trembling

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  1. -very angry
  2. the liquid part of blood
  3. any violent blow
  4. Pb Jumped, Pb vs. Darry, Pb + J go to park, Bob killed, Run away, windrexville, fire, rumble.
  5. in an emotionally distant manner

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  1. Funeral pyrewood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite


  2. Aghast-small tower


  3. bewilderinga quarrel about petty points


  4. apprehensivenot fake or counterfeit


  5. bonfirenot fake or counterfeit