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Application Software

programs designed to make users more productive

Print Layout View (button)

shows the document on a mock sheet of paper
button farthest to the left in the view buttons

Scroll Bar

Appears when an area is not completely visible on screen

Status Bar

presents info about the document and current tasks

Tab (on ribbon)

contains a collection f groups


document changes that includes inserting words and paragraphs

Bold Characters

Appear somewhat thicker and darker than other characters

Character Formatting

process of changing the way characters appear


document changes that include removing words and paragraphs



Italicized Text

text with a slanted appearance


document changes that include revised text because of a change


automatically corrects errors

Automatic Page Break

automatically inserted when you exceed one page


removing a selected item from a document


explanatory note at the end of a document

First Line Indent Marker

top triangle on the ruler


explanatory note at the bottom of a page

Hanging Indent Marker

bottom triangle on the ruler

Horizontal Ruler

ruler that displays along the top edge of the document window

Line Spacing

amount of vertical space between lines of text

Note Reference Marks

signals that an explanatory note exists

Office Clipboard

temporary storage area


placing an item from the Clipboard into a document

Research Paper

a document you can use to communicate the results of research findings


a word with similar meaning


book of synonyms

Vertical Ruler

a ruler that displays along the left edge of the Word window

Works Cited

page that lists author and reference book titles

Clip Art

predefined graphic

Date Line

business letter element that consists of month, day, and year
positioned two- six lines below the letterhead

Signature Block

business letter element allowing for the author to sign his/her name
atleast four blank lines below complimentary close

Formatting Marks

indicate where you pressed the ENTER key, SPACEBAR, and other keys but not printed in document


conveys meaning and is useful to one or more people


optical disc- read and write


optical disc- read, write, and erase

System Software

programs to control the operations of the computer

Output Devices

make the information resulting from processing available for use

Input Devices

hardware component that aloows you to enter data

Document Window

area of screen hat shows actual document, does not include the task bar, title bar, ribbon, etc.

Scroll Box

reflects location of the portion of the document that is displayed in the document window

Microsoft PowerPoint

program for creating a PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft Word

word processing program


control center in word

Task Pane

window that can remain open and visible while you work in the document (clipart)

Explanatory Note

elaborate on points discussed in the body of the paper

Left Align Paragraphs

at the left margin

Right Align Paragraphs

at the right margin


a bullet character

Bulleted Paragraph

series of paragraphs, each beginning with a bullet character

Sizing Handle

resizing- enlarging or reducing the size of a graphic

Essential Business Letter Elements

date line
inside address
complimentary close
signature block


begins two lines below last line of the inside address
if recipients name is unknown then you use "To whom it may concern"


begins two lines below salutation
single-spaced with one blank line in between paragraphs

Complimentary Close

two lines below message
capitalize only the first word in the close

Inside Address

placed 3-8 lines below date line
usually includes full name, job title, business affiliation, and full geographical address


all components begin flush with left margin


highlighting a text and copying the content highlighted to later place it on a document

Notes Pane

an area in PowerPoint Office where you can put material that you dont want to include on the slides
found at the bottom of document window
can be printed

Line Weight

the darkness or thickness of the line used

Slide Transition

the way one slide exits and the next one enters

7x7 Rule

states that each slide should have a maximum of seven lines, and each line should have a maximum of seven words

Modified Block

letter style, the date, complimentary close, and signature block are positioned approximately one-half inch to the right of center or at the right margin


the way text and objects move on and off a slide during a slide show

Layout Gallery

where you can choose a slide layout

Text Placeholder

boxes with dotted borders where you enter text

Content Placeholder

can be used to insert text or objects such as clip art, tables, or charts
in the text placeholder

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