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  1. epoch
  2. What is the nurse's function in the story?
  3. prestige
  4. irrepressible
  5. stooped
  1. a high standing; respect
  2. b a friend to Juliet
  3. c a period of time marked by related events
  4. d incapable of being held back or controlled
  5. e bent forward from habit. Grandpa is not _____ but stand upright.

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  1. Benvolio
  2. to level to the ground
  3. to advance little by little beyond the boundary
  4. exhaustion. After the long bus ride, his _____ is understandable.
  5. the general idea that a work of literature reveals

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  1. dictionlong and loud applause


  2. Where do they meet?a ball hosted by the Capulets


  3. pittancevery small amount especially of money


  4. dramatic ironya writer's or speaker's choice of words


  5. I am hurt, a plague on both your houses.The Friar