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  1. reluctantly
  2. stately
  3. dynamic character
  4. panorama
  5. Who is the most level-headed person?
  1. a Benvolio
  2. b a complete view of a surrounding area; a thorough presentation
  3. c changes as a result of the story's events
  4. d majestic and grand. Dressed in his vest, grandpa looks _____.
  5. e unwillingly. Martin, unsure of their reaction, allows them to visit grandpa.

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  1. not bringing about the desired result
  2. Romeo did not want to fight him
  3. happening at the same time
  4. unplanned. Greg's decision was an ________ response.
  5. a short sketch that provides a clear picture

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  1. dictiona writer or speaker's choice of words


  2. stymiedto thwart; to find problems with


  3. Look love nights candles are burned out, and the day stands on tiptoe on the misty mountaintops. I must be gone and live or stay and die.He loves Rosilyn, but she does not love him.


  4. bequeatheda person appointed to act on behalf of others; representative


  5. susceptiblecapable of catching fire