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  1. Why does Mercucio fight with Tybolt?
  2. diction
  3. ovations
  4. innovations
  5. picturesque
  1. a a writer's or speaker's choice of words
  2. b something new
  3. c long and loud applause
  4. d Romeo did not want to fight him
  5. e like a picture; charming

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  1. to thwart; to find problems with
  2. boundaries. Tired and weak, grandpa does not venture from the _________ of his house.
  3. talk or conversation between characters
  4. not safe or secure
  5. to pass on to others

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  1. panoramato advance little by little beyond the boundary


  2. contemplatedto give careful thought to; to intend


  3. idioma writer or speaker's choice of words


  4. impromptuan expression peculiar to a particular language that means something different than the literal meaning


  5. Where do they meet?a ball hosted by the Capulets