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  1. Who becomes furious with Romeo and why?
  2. Where do they meet?
  3. Star-crossed lovers
  4. dramatic irony
  5. bequeathed
  1. a Romeo and Juliet
  2. b a ball hosted by the Capulets
  3. c occurs when a reader or audience knows somethingt that a character in a play does not know
  4. d to pass on to others
  5. e Tybolt in the ballroom

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  1. the main idea expressed in a literary work - the main point the author is making
  2. an expression peculiar to a particular language that means something different than the literal meaning
  3. unplanned. Greg's decision was an ________ response.
  4. incapable of being held back or controlled
  5. to swallow up; to overwhelm

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  1. dialoguetalk or conversation between characters


  2. reluctantlyunwillingly. Martin, unsure of their reaction, allows them to visit grandpa.


  3. precariousa writer's or speaker's choice of words


  4. What is the nurse's function in the story?a friend to Juliet


  5. innovationssomething new