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  1. bequeathed
  2. picturesque
  3. impromptu
  4. vignettes
  5. Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace, stop this fighting. Seize on pain of torture.
  1. a like a picture; charming
  2. b Escalus
  3. c to pass on to others
  4. d a short sketch that provides a clear picture
  5. e unplanned. Greg's decision was an ________ response.

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  1. happening at the same time
  2. Mercutio
  3. Benvolio
  4. widespread destruction or confusion
  5. the vantage point from which a story is told

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  1. impeccablewithout flaw


  2. panoramaa complete view of a surrounding area; a thorough presentation


  3. brittleable to move and think quickly


  4. Star-crossed loversincapable of being held back or controlled


  5. renouncedto give up a right to; abandon; reject


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