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  1. diction
  2. cache
  3. pittance
  4. combustible
  5. brittle
  1. a capable of catching fire
  2. b very small amount especially of money
  3. c sharp. Greg's _____ voice cracks.
  4. d a writer's or speaker's choice of words
  5. e a hiding or storage place for valuables

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  1. to hurt the reputation of; to destroy trust
  2. to level to the ground
  3. to thwart; to find problems with
  4. a period of time marked by related events
  5. long and loud applause

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  1. legacymoney or property left in a will; something passed on


  2. ineffectualnot bringing about the desired result


  3. Who becomes furious with Romeo and why?He thinks it will stop the fighting.


  4. irrepressiblenot able to be erased


  5. susceptiblenot able to be erased