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  1. pittance
  2. verbal irony
  3. agile
  4. Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace, stop this fighting. Seize on pain of torture.
  5. dialect
  1. a able to move and think quickly
  2. b occurs when a writer or speaker says one thing and means something entirely different
  3. c very small amount especially of money
  4. d a representation of the speech patterns of a particular region or social group
  5. e Escalus

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  1. Romeo did not want to fight him
  2. great or noble in expression; spendid
  3. to serve as a memorial to; to remember in a solemn manner
  4. physical endurance
  5. unplanned. Greg's decision was an ________ response.

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  1. panoramaa complete view of a surrounding area; a thorough presentation


  2. irrepressiblewithout flaw


  3. feasibleable to be done; possible


  4. picturesquevery small amount especially of money


  5. legacymoney or property left in a will; something passed on