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  1. feasible
  2. impeccable
  3. theme
  4. diction
  5. prestige
  1. a able to be done; possible
  2. b the main idea expressed in a literary work - the main point the author is making
  3. c high standing; respect
  4. d without flaw
  5. e a writer's or speaker's choice of words

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  1. the vantage point from which a story is told
  2. to give up a right to; abandon; reject
  3. clearly offensive or bad; acting against what is right
  4. does not change much in the story
  5. wealthy

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  1. encroachto advance little by little beyond the boundary


  2. indelibleable to be done; possible


  3. I am hurt, a plague on both your houses.The Friar


  4. dialoguetalk or conversation between characters


  5. irrepressibleincapable of being held back or controlled


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