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  1. reluctantly
  2. innovations
  3. ornate
  4. renounced
  5. sublime
  1. a heavily decorated
  2. b something new
  3. c great or noble in expression; spendid
  4. d unwillingly. Martin, unsure of their reaction, allows them to visit grandpa.
  5. e to give up a right to; abandon; reject

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  1. talk or conversation between characters
  2. Tybolt in the ballroom
  3. changes as a result of the story's events
  4. famous
  5. a period of time marked by related events

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  1. brittleable to move and think quickly


  2. discreditto hurt the reputation of; to destroy trust


  3. idioma writer's or speaker's choice of words


  4. encroacha period of time marked by related events


  5. Goodnight, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it might be morrow.Romeo